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  1. My copy arrived in UK yesterday (30th May) having pre-ordered from America via The Software Castle on e-bay. Including postage that's only about £19.99, a bargain when you consider what it will cost when (if) it ever becomes available in UK shops. First impressions are it's a cracking game - fight models seem about right - not that I'd know what an F-15 or A-10 handles like. ;) Next stop the Hunter and Harrier :)
  2. I got mine through www.ebay.com in the US, a number of US retailers seem to have online stores there. Ebay - Wings Over Vietnam With exchange rates almost at $2 to the £1 it will be hell of a lot cheaper than when it appears here in the UK (probably at £34.99). Delivery took about 3 days. Just look at the p&p they offer and check each companies ratings first (oh, and that they will ship to UK as well )
  3. And very nice too! I probably stuffed up (again) - but in WoV the Mk20 Gunsight graphic is missing from the cockpit, but it's there in SFP1 Identical install process? So am I missing something obvious?
  4. OK, I'm probably missing something here, but I downloaded the sykraider form Biohaz and installed as per instructions. However when I take any hits the affected panels turn plain white from camouflage. Any ideas as to what I've done wrong or can do to correct this?
  5. OK apologies if somebody has already posted this, but I found the radar in the top right annoying, so after scratching around I understood I could extract the huddata.ini file from FlightData.cat and by deleting the word "radar" turn it off. I also altered the textsize setting to 10 (from 12) which made the other boxes (Waypoint Info & Target Info) a bit smaller, and then extracted the messagesystem.ini and altered the textsixe to 10 there as well. believe me it makes a nice difference - still perfectly readable but nowehere near as intrusive. It's also worth doing the flightengine.ini highdetailoption adjustment maxtextureres=0 (instaed of -1) improved my rame rate with no detail problems or loss I could notice! Hope this helps somebody
  6. Well I couldn't find a copy in the UK, so I bought direct from America. http://stores.ebay.com/Computer-GameGlobe Cost$29.95 plus $11 shipping to UK via PayPal Which worked out at about £22 for the boxed version. Delivery was just 4 days Airmail. So far I'm really impressed, all the good points of SFP1-SP3 - graphics, gameplay etc. but in Vietnam!
  7. Considering the gameplay value of SF then adding in a Carrier will make it even better. It would make sense to reserve judgement until we have had a chance to play the thing for real for a bit, rather than make snippy comments about airfields with wires doncha think?
  8. I check the forums 2 or 3 times a week usually - and the downloads of course ;)
  9. The Gundata.ini file and Weapondata.ini once extracted from ObjectData.Cat and amended should (must) be in the Objects Directory. Open them with the GunEditor and WeaponEditor programs respectively, then save. This should update the relevant *.cat files as I understand it. If they're still not appearing on the plane then look at A10A_Data.ini the following section should appear under // Internal Guns ------------------ [internalGun] SystemType=FIXED_GUN GunTypeName=30MM_GAU8 InputName=FIRE_PRIMARY_GUN MuzzlePosition=-0.0532,6.1841,-0.6941 LightPosition=-0.0532,6.1841,-0.6941 AimAngles=0.0,0.0,-1.6 MaxAmmo=1150 TracerLoading=2 EjectShells=FALSE MinExtentPosition= MaxExtentPosition= Hope this helps?
  10. Does anyone know how to get the Sea Eagle Missiles working properly? They look really nice hanging off the Sea Harrier, but when launched they just act as dumb unguided rockets :( I assume there is particular setting in one of the *.ini files I'm missing thanks in advance!!

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