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Most of you don't know me as I don't frequent these particular forums very often. I have limited time to fly so I spend it with DCS: A10C and Flaming Cliffs 2. Anyhow, I'm also a painting contractor and fine artist. I had a homeowner call me a few days ago who wants me to do some graphics for her son's bedroom. He loves bi-planes. The bedroom walls are a sky blue so I have a really good canvas to start on. Could some of you shoot some screenshots for me? I'm looking for some interesting views and some colorful paint jobs. The homeowner mentioned she'd like to see some black and red so I'm definitely thinking Richtofen's a/c. If any of you have any particular plane you just love the paint job on I'd love to see a screenie. Of course when I'm done w/the project I'll post pix here so you can see how your screens contributed to the job.



Anyhow, thanks in advance!

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Found no red+black one, but here is one with a nice painting - the Albatros D.V of Constantin Krefft, Jasta 11.

Please report, when you have saved them, cause I'd like to clear the attachment space.

Good luck with the painting!



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Well, there's a few for you..including my Fictional Red and Black for you







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