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  1. Date Advance Question

    I have never seen that screen, I think it is for Flight Training.
  2. Date Advance Question

    In the bottom right area of the Campaign screen you will se a T+ key, which when pushed will give you four options, the first is next mission (default) which you are probably pushing, but you are also given the choice of 1 Day, 1 Week, and 1 month, click the one you want and accept it and your time should advance.
  3. Couple of newbie questions

    Another way around TracIr is SmoothTrack which is an app for a cell phone that pairs with a computer program called OpenTrack. This works very well and is easy to set up. If you are like me you have a south facing window that blinds the TracIr camera so you can only use it during hours of darkness, SmoothTrack does not have that limitation and you don't need to use any hats or other reflectors because it is a face track devise that uses your phone camera.
  4. Out of WOFF

    I'm not sure what you are asking. To end the mission you hit Ctrl + Q then Enter. To close down the game just hit the Leave button in the lower left hand corner when menu comes back up. All the other screens you can hit the space bar and it will hurry you along to the next option available for what you are doing (unless of course something is loading, then you have to wait).
  5. Opentrack

    I use Opentrack with Smoothtrack which is an app for my Android Phone, basically it uses the camera on the phone since I do not have one for my computer. It works quite well and I can use it in full daylight where my Tracir was blinded and did not work at all. At this time I am using a provided profile with, Accela, which works well for me. Beard
  6. What does (HA) stand for?

    Historic Ace. These guys can be shot down but will not die until they actually got shot down/died in real life.
  7. Intercept Missions (always a fail?)

    I think it just depends on where and when you are. I have flown a couple of these recently (in campaign) and have run into enemy aircraft. Sometimes they are just two seaters but not always. You are just as likely to run into a large flight of fighters, they are very similar to patrolling the lines except you usually orbit in one area for a given amount of time. If you are using the flight instructor it will tell you how long and at what altitude you are supposed fly.
  8. Lafayette Escadrille Skins?

    The one I find in the skins folder, off_Nieuport17_t_Esc Laf 1917.dds, which is the next to last N17 skin, has the Indian Head. I assume this is default squad skin. I fly the Esq Laf a lot, usually starting in the N10 and fight my way up the the N17 and I always see this skin on the wingmen.
  9. Lafayette Escadrille Skins?

    I think you are thinking about the N11s which are camo and quite often have a quarter moon.
  10. Lafayette Escadrille Skins?

    Yep, the 17s fly with the early Indian head.
  11. NieuportN24 Skins

    I was going to paint a Neiuport years ago as the flying fish and found that there were all sorts of anomalies. Things just didn't line up and if I remember properly there was a problem with the right side/end of the top wing, somehow it had mirrored the opposite end but not far enough in to include that "K" you see on the example, you could paint it but it just would not show up in the game.
  12. Another thing, when you plug it in always use the same USB port.
  13. I have a T16000M stick and I didn't install any drivers for it when I built the new computer recently. I just programmed it in Workshop in BHAH II, and sure I didn't use drivers on WOFF either. Now I'm not an expert on computer programming and hopefully someone will jump in here, but what I would do is delete the Thrustmaster program, restart, them plug the T16000M back in and let Windows find it. Then I would program the buttons and axis in Workshop to whatever you find convenient.
  14. Crash to Desktop

    I just had this problem on a new build myself, it is addressed in the frequently asked questions and this is what I did to resolve it. Go to the short cut you use to start the game and right click it, then go to properties, when that opens go to compatibility, then check the box for run compatibility mode for, and in my case used Windows 8 it the options. That cleared up the problem for me, good luck!
  15. Consider the Loop . . .

    The problem with the loop is the higher you get into it the slower you are moving, a that makes you a really good target.

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