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  1. Pick your wings

    My plane is not on the list either, I would most likely pick the SE5a. It doesn't have any bad habits, is fast and can dive out of just about any situation. Beard
  2. This is the most activity I have seen here in a long time, I usually check every day but somehow missed this. Anyhoo, the weather is finally cooled down enough to fly again so I have been getting killed regularly in my pilot rotation. WOFF UE is really my preference, had ROF with lots of planes but haven't flown it in years, something about the graphics which just doesn't click with me, I think the colors are just too bold, also I don't fly online anymore and haven't really since the demise of RB3D. I really do like the support that the WOFF team delivers, they keep the franchise interesting. By the way I prefer this forum also. Beard
  3. Just use easy reporting, no fuss, no muss. Beard
  4. That looks very good. Beard
  5. I only fly in the fall/winter/early spring, The room I have my WOFF computer in gets to hot to run heavy graphics. Upstate California gets toasty in the summer. Beard
  6. The Burnelli Conspiracy...

    No Hauksbee, I mean card stock. You print it out on your printer, cut it out, form the shapes and glue it together. The advantage being it is already painted, if you screw something up you can reprint it, and you can change it with programs like Gimp. This plane was from Murph's Models and was a free download. I didn't like the graphics on the model so I changed them to the what if scheme which I just made up. Here is another one that I shamelessly stole the WOFF scheme made by OVS. There were a bunch of modifications on this one, which was a Fiddlers Green kit which has also been offered for free (there are a ton of free paper model kits out there). This one was built a four or five years ago, when I first started the (what I call) idiot hobby. Beard
  7. The Burnelli Conspiracy...

    Here is a paper model of a Burnelli UB14 I built a while back in a "what if" scheme. I read somewhere that Charles DeGaulle used one as a personal aircraft. Beard
  8. Who Is This?

    That was a gimmy, and Australian with a machine gun. I just looked it up. Beard
  9. Who Is This?

    Robert Buie Beard
  10. Actually the DVIII or EV fuselage and empennage is very similar to the DR1 also, but of course the wing is entirely different. Beardd
  11. Boelke and Nurse Blanca...

    After years of painting signs, I have come to the conclusion that many people don't know how to spell their own names. Beard
  12. Flying Coffins...

    I don't have the book anymore (gul dernit) but if'n I remember properly from the Blue Max, Stachel describes the airplanes when he first reported the Jasta that they looked incredibly like coffins. Beard
  13. Rumpler Taube...

    That is a very interesting plane, They have one at the Boeing Aircraft Museum in Seattle. Beard
  14. Looks like a 1917 Really Sturdy Beard

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