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OT A wonderful piece

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I just found this...the guy who wrote it saves abandoned Animals...but it means much more than that to us all...I hope you enjoy it as much as I did




If you worry that you have not made a difference, you have,

for only those who do not worry about it have not.

If you feel overwhelmed, if the weight of problems is too heavy to bear,

remember it is a shared burden

and the strength of numbers can accomplish much.


If you think society and government are blind,

it only serves to remind that we need to change

one mind at a time, one law after another.

We effect change by cooperation, not by isolation.


If you consider that we cannot save them all,

and what difference does one make?,

you ought to know the joy of the one who is saved.

Mourn those we cannot save, it is a eulogy to their being.

Do not let their loss be in vain.


Be kind to yourself, remember your needs

and those of your family and friends of every species.

If you give everything, what will you have left for yourself,

or for them?

Strive to be happy and healthy. You are needed.

Achieving balance in life is a lifelong struggle.

We who help those who do not have all that they need

should be among the most grateful for what we have.


Be proud of your accomplishments, not your opinions.

The quality of your efforts is more important than the quantity.

Forgive your own deficiencies - sometimes your caring is sufficient.

Everyone can do something, it is up to you to do the thing you can.

A kind word and a gentle touch can change a life.


If anger wells up within you, because people are the problem,

remember your humanity and that people are also the solution.

Concentrate on specific needs, pay attention to the individual -

they make up the whole.

See beyond the unlovable, the unattractive,

the impure and the wounded -

see that their spirit is as deserving as the rest. Help them heal.

Their eyes are windows to their soul

and the mirror of your sincerity.


All species, all beings, share this Earth in a chain of life.

Care more about what makes us alike than what separates us.

Policies, rules and regulations are not infallible.

Apply them judiciously, interpret them wisely.

No decision based purely on money is ever the right one.


Listen to your heart. Sometimes we have to do that which

we are most afraid of.

Be true to yourself and your beliefs.

Family may abandon you,

friends may disappoint you, strangers will ridicule you.

People shun what they do not understand.

Help them to understand - kindly, softly, gently.


Those who do not respect all life are to be pitied.

Often the wrongdoer is as in need of help as his victims.

Forgive, then teach by example.

Educate yourself or you cannot hope to teach others.

No action based in hatred is ever right

and anger drowns out wisdom.


Yours may be a voice crying in the wilderness,

make it a voice to be respected.

Listen more than you talk, be courteous and reliable.

Learn to ask for help. Never waiver from the truth.

Know that it takes a lot of strength to cry

And with every defeat, we learn.


All Creation celebrates that which is in its own best interest.

The Children are our hope - nurture them.

Nature is our legacy - protect it.

The Animals are our brethren - learn from them.


Your rewards will not be material, but they will be meaningful,

and the courage of your convictions can survive anything.

We are small boats cast adrift on a cruel sea,

but someday the tide will turn toward a safe harbor.

No matter how dark the storm clouds,

or deep the pain of heartbreak - never forget:

We are their heroes.

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Nothing to excuse for - this is rather a good heads-up for all. Something to keep in mind!

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