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Since a Red Storm Rising mod is in the works, I figured that the MV Julius Fucik would be a topic of interest.


Well, what sort of ship is the Fucik? More than likely, she's a Soviet SEABEE, or Sea-Barge ship, similar to the MV Tillie Lykes.


Let's start off with this newspaper article from 1975, which I think served as an inspiration to Tom Clancy, regarding the the Fucik's probable appearance and capabilities: http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=sj41AAAAIBAJ&sjid=IGcEAAAAIBAJ&pg=2387%2C5750191


And for those of you curious as to what the Fucik may look like, here's the SEABEE Tillie Lykes (now known as the SS Cape Mohican): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Cape_Mohican_(T-AKR-5065)


This brief fact page brings up an interesting point, which we'll get to in a moment: http://www.msc.navy.mil/factsheet/cape-mohican.htm


Sea Barge Heavy Lift Ship


Mission: Sea barge heavy lift ships are designed to carry a variety of larger cargo -- sea barges, lighterage, small boats and containers. A sea barge ship, or Sea Bee ship (not to be confused with construction battalion SEABEEs), loads and off-loads large cargo using a giant elevator on the aft end of the ship that lowers to water level.


And, straight from Red Storm Rising:


JULIUS FUCIK's first officer supervised the loading process from the winch-control station aft, communicating by portable radio to other men scattered about the afterpart of the ship. The elevator matched levels with that of the third cargo deck, and the access door opened to expose the vast cargo deck. Crewmen strung cables onto the trolleys and bolted them rapidly into place. Winches pulled the barge forward into the third, lowermost, cargo deck of the Seabee-for Seagoing Barge Carrier-ship.


He paused. "What sort of damage can this ship absorb and still survive?"


"He is not a warship, Comrade General." Kherov smiled cryptically.


Tille Lykes during the 1970s:



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There are several programs that one can use, including some that are freeware (Blender comes to mind), but only someone with 3DS Max can export the model to the LOD format that this series uses.

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