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Some airplane shots from the last months

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here are some random airplane shots I took in the last months.

Let's begin with 2 "first times": one of the first prototypes of the new AgustaWestland AW149 flying over Milan Malpensa intercontinental airport...



...and one of the fisrt commercial flights of the Boeing 747-8 (in october), from Luxembourg to Malpensa:



A Swiss Super Puma lifting the antenna of Milan's tallest skyscraper:



A Lebanese A300 freighter landing in Milan Orio al Serio:



Lots of 747 freighters in Malpensa:











On clear days you can see the Alps in the background:



The football team AC Milan is sponsored by Emirates, which brought 2 times the A380 in Malpensa to bring the team to Dubai.

The first time, a spotter association gave us a clearance to enter the apron.

Usually, it's impossible to take a photo of an El Al plane due to stregthened security, but this time...



The policemen who escorted the plane kept their guns aimed on us while the plane passed...


Finally, here is the Whale of the Sky:



The gate guardian of the Pilatus factory in Stans, Switzerland (taken during a university visit).

On the fuselage is written:

"Roll-out: 1st May 1991

1st flight: 31st May 1991

Hours flown: 644"



And, finally, an in-flight shot of one of the lakes in northern Italy:



Hope you enjoyed them :smile:

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What is the little fortress in the scenic picture?

It's the Angera Rock, on Lago Maggiore. It's known in literature as the Innominato's (the Unnamed) residence from the Italian historical novel "The Betrothed".

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