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OFF, BHH pilots hrs not recording

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I've installed the latest patches and I have done a complete re-install. oh ya i read the FAQ. my pilot dossier will record claims, kills and number of missions flown but not hours flown. After action briefing is the same say i did a good job etc but no hours. Also I do not have " flight data " after a mission when I want to review last mission. before you say it yes I do hit " escape" key to end mission just as they say in FAQ. (campaign mode). My air combat 3 is v3.1. The time and day progress normally ... etc. but no hours logged!!!..........WTH.

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Hi Sceptre, Knowledge Base section is unfortunately the wrong place to ask questions, and is against its rules




It's meant to store knowledge rather than ask support questions. There is a help section which more people read more often, or even better these days is the general section where people read all the time.




Well you say you use esc but that error is classic with not exiting the mission properly

so some suggestions..


When you press Esc, make sure you then click "End mission" and allow the program to exit properly.


If you use Warp a lot, then your hours may not be accurate.


You don't say what version you are running but make sure if you have BH&H that is fully patched up with both patches (check workshop settings the version number is shown, check it before update, and check it after to make sure it has changed). If you have HITR expansion, make sure that BH&H is fully updated BEFORE installing HITR and its patch.


DO not use a no-cd.exe as this can be unpredictable and some are not even 3.1.


Remove any 3rd party modifications if any.


Try creating a new pilot in a new squadron and check that works oK.

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