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Unexplained crash

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Hi lads


Just got Phase 3 up and running again after a hiatus. I am patched up to v1.47 and had things running perfectly yesterday. Today, however, I tried tweaking things a bit by throwing in a few small mods using JSGME. (I am familiar with the handy program from other applications.) Things started to go wrong so I backtracked, removed everything I had done but CFS3 keeps crashing and Windows goves me this:


Files that help describe the problem:





[Just to be clear, it crashes just after the BHAH loading screen with Richtofens face...]


I suspected it had to do with a misplaced or at least erroneous .xml file but I think everything is reset so....I re-patched v1.47 and re ran the game but to no avail. I am starting to get that sinking feeling I need to wipe and start again w/ registry clean etc. This in itself poses no problem to me but I am curious as to what I f***ed up in the first place so I can abvoid it happening again. This is the FIRST time i have attempted to fart around with OFF myself; choosing up to now to let the pros handle it! I let my meddling nature get the better of me! :boredom:


Please help me if you can?

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Just by way of closure to this, I did actually remove and do a full re-installation step-by-step with various running tests along the way and everything is back to normal.


Im about 90% certain it had to do with overwriting files thats fell outside JSGME control. I dont know how it happened but it did. C'est la vie!

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