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B-57B Canberra Tweeks Pak -for SF2-

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B-57B Canberra Tweeks Pak -for SF2-

B-57B Canberra Tweeks Pak


= For SF2, Any and All =


* Note: Full-4 Merged reccomended, but can be used in any game with access to the STOCK B-57B *


Some ini mods for the stock B-57B that add a usable cockpit (albeit not perfect!,but VERY usable), new avioncs ini, and adds the Nuclear Delivery Capability ™ they had from inception.


Note: the various Mk.7 series nukes and nuke effects are NOT included -- they're from one of the lindr2 weapons paks. For those wishing the physical models for the Mk 7s, they're in my original F-84F Update Pak available at the following link:




However, as stated above, the effects are NOT with them.


An extra main ini, called "xB-57B.ini" is supplied so after patching, or DLC installation, a simple 'One click Operation' ™ will return this aircraft to Player-Usable status. Instruction on how-to are in the "To Install" section below.


Data ini tweeks 're-aim' the guns to fire through the gunsight, add ECM and CM dispensers (chaff ONLY!). Now, if I could only figure out the proper LABS 'bomb toss' that don't fall a bit short ... or long ... (lol!). The Loadout ini, for mission builders, has a "Strike_Nuke" callout. However, the weapons ARE selectable on the games loadoutscreen as well, after removing any other bombs from the bombbay.

No Hangar or Loading screens are included, cause I just plane forgot...maybe later!


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them!


Happy Landings!


kevin stein

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