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Carrier Operations in Single Missions, implementing for other terrains

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I'll open this topic, not to crowd the other Extractor discoveries thread.


First, this will only work for SF2NA installs.


For the terrain you want to implement carrier ops in, have these files inside the respective Terrain folder:





For Terrain.ini add this line under [Terrain]



Open Terrain_WATER.BMP with gfx editor.

Open the ICELANDNA_WATER.BMP for reference.

The red colored part is the sea.

The green part is Friendly regions where naval groups will spawn, randomly I guess.

The light yellow (what color is that?!) part is the Enemy region.


Here is my VietnamSEA edits: VietnamSEA.rar


Example Picture: DONT USE because it's a JPG.

Plus an experimental Vietcong region is added, haven't even tried what it will do yet!


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need to test this in PG ... PB, can you create a _water.bmp from the bmp generated from TE?? (once I locate the CV stations? or are CV station even necessary?

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You mean the Persischer Golf terrain? Here's a quick one: Persischer_Water.rar


I can't remember how we created the water maps, from TE wasn't it?... LOL!

Haven't done much experimenting with carrier stations, but in this case I gather they are not necessary.

I tried in stock ISRAELME which doesn't have those, and I get a nice mix of ships in the carrier group..

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I just had a terrible thought (well, for me, since I can't make working water bmps....)


99.9 percent of all terrains will be needing new water bmps, to take advantage of this new feature. OTH, this is a FANTASTIX plus for WW2 PTO NavAir Ops!!


and every single one of our existing ships, carrier, escorts (ie: ALL warship!!) are going to need all the new parameters, expecially the new radar statements (yes, they're FINALLY networked)


well, boys, roll up them sleeves ... we got a job of work to do!!!

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