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OT: Skyrim 1.5 update is "Brutal"

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I disabled the "killcam" as I play in first person and I find it imersion killer. I modded the crap outa Skyrim. Still only level 7.

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My main problem with the kill cam thing is that it's not smart enough to reposition the camera when there's a wall where the camera wants to go by default. In such cases, you get a weird, uncentered view, usually with some odd bit of you or your target in sight and at first think your view has gone haywire.


I just started a new character who's basically a wizard in heavy armor, although he does use his sword fairly well when he runs out of magic juice. And believe it or not, I have found myself missing the kill cam, which at present doesn't exist for ranged attacks at all.


Here's my new dude, Thorbald White-Eyes:


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I love the Killcam...but, I am a big fan of 'cinematics'...hence my being a Wing Commander rather than X-Wing...and a Brothers in Arms rather than COD fan.

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