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KA-6D Refuel Intruder, For SF2 by The Intruders

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KA-6D Refuel Intruder, For SF2 by The Intruders

KA-6D Refuling Intruder, for SF2 by The Intruders

= For SF2, Any and All (meaning: Full-5 Merged and/or SF2:NA) =


This is a semi-complete mod, with almost everything needed to unzip and install. All aircraft inis, lods, new drop tank, etc are included. However ... the cockpit, other than an RWR bmp is NOT! You'll have to supply your own, as outlined in posts on the CA Message Boards. You must also have 1stGen WoV or WoE in your possession to extract the necessary cockpit parts to install to this mod. All I've suppled are the updated inis, and the single RWR bmp (that replaces the dash clock). You must also have the original 1stGen Download of this aricrat to install this Pak to. See "To Install" for more detailed instructions. And follow them to the letter!


A wealth of skins are included in the pak; pretty much ALL the 1stGen KA-6 skins I could find. Most, if not all, are the work of AllenJB & Paul Nortness. You'll have, in Full Color:


VA-35 (USS Nimitz?)

VA-35cs (USS Coral Sea)

VA-42 (USS Forestall)

VA-52 (USS Kitty Hawk)

VA-65 (USS Independence)

VA-65e (USS Enterprise)

VA-115 (USS Midway)

VA-128 (no ship listed)

VA-145 (USS Ranger)


In Lo-Viz markings:


VA-35lo (USS Saratoga)

VA-42lo (USS Forestall)

VA-52lo (USS Kitty Hawk)

VA-75lo (USS John F. Kennedy)

VA-85lo (USS Enterprise)

VA-95lo (USS Abraham Lincoln)

VA-176lo (no ship listed)

VA-185lo (USS Midway)

VA-196lo (USS Coral Sea)


All Lo-Viz skins have a default start date of 1985 (my best guess as to the date-of-transition. Feel free to correct, and post the actual date). Decal radiation is set to TRUE for all skins, due to they're extreamly low amount (4-5 Modex/BuNum) per aircraft.


All inis have been brought as close as possible to the latest (3/2012 and/or SF2:NA) standards. The FM remains untouched, but small changes in the Data INI add manually folding wings (Shift/9), and I've adjusted the auto deployment speeds for the refueling drogue. The avionics have also been slightly adjusted.

Again, there have been some statement added that may only work with installs patched to 3/2012 and/or SF2:NA. Use in other, earlier dated installs is at the End Users risk.


It should be noted, as AFR is NOT supported in-game, this aircraft mostly exists as "Eye Candy", to be seen parked on deck, airfield ramps, and just flying around turning jet fuel into noise.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please read them! The Notes section contains further details, descriptions, elightenments, illuminations, and so forth. Be good to read them, too.

No, seriously ... unzip this archive and =READ= everything first!!! It's exceptionly important you do so....


Happy Landings!


kevin stein

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- Tanker, this is Alert-1.. We got two thirsty Tomcats, what'ya got?

- I got the hard stuff, pull riiight in....



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