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SF-2NA County Class Batch 2 DD

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SF-2NA County Class Batch 2 DD

As constructed, the County-class ships were armed with a pair

of twin 4.5in gun mountings.

The second batch of four ships (Antrim, Fife, Glamorgan and Norfolk)

were refitted in the mid 1970s - this saw their 'B' position turrets

removed and replaced by four single MM38 Exocet launcher boxes.

This made the County-class ships the only Royal Navy ships to be

fitted with three separate types of guided missile.


Antrim and Glamorgan both served in the Falklands conflict.



Sir Hinchinbrooke made both these vessels for Falklands mod.


I remade all 4 County Class batch 2.


As hull has a mapping issue, and can't use decals I was forced

to make 4 separate ships, with new painted numbers.


The guns work and the Sea Slug is a deadly weapon (try it).


As in original ones the Exocet and Sea cat launchers aren't active.


All the glory for Hinch, hoping he could have original files to

upgrade this fantastic model.









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Thanks for updating these ships. If you have time, could you finish the DetectSystem entries too, please?


Based on the typical radar frequencies of Royal Navy ships, I think this should be okay for most of them:











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