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Mission Design Tips (Carrier Task Forces)

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Since the Mission Editor has been fixed to a usable level, we can start cranking some missions.


I use both the ME and Notepad to edit mission files(MSN)

To easily create naval groups this is the way to go.


First, FLY a few Single Missions generated by the game, and save the one that you like and includes some useful elements you have in mind.

Then open the saved MSN file using Notepad for further modification. (I usually save a backup first)


Note that if you edit the MSN and go back and Open it in ME, the parameters will change and you'll get a different version when you FLY or SAVE.

I just use the ME for reference after the first template creation phase. And go back and forth editing in stuff in Notepad.


This way you can start with a naval group already created. (Also easy to do from scratch once you figure out the syntax)

Remember, the carriers, friendly or enemy, will turn into the wind before launching aircraft, and before recovery.


Here's the trick, the StartWindDirection=XXX in the MSN file and the value you'll see for it in the in-game ME are opposite to each other. (It's just that way, don't report it to TK unless you want more bugs to creep here :grin:

The value listed in the MSN file is the correct value.

So if you put in 270 (west) in the MSN file, the wind will be blowing from east to west, and the carrier will start turning to 90 degrees East, when aircraft will be launched/recovered.


At the BEGINNING of a mission, since you will be on the CAT, the whole naval group will be already turned into the wind, regardless of the Heading value you defined for them in the MSN.

Now, the part you need watch is, the rest of the ships in a [GroundMissionXXX] naval group will NOT turn into the wind while the carrier does.

So if the Wind Direction and the first waypoint for the fleet are not set properly, the escorts will manuever as per the next coordinate when the carrier will steam on UP WIND until the launch ops are done.

So you need to plan and design accordingly.

A note here: If you take too long to get of the CATAPULT the carrier won't return to original course and will continue on...)



I normally pick a straight course for all naval groups and manually edit starting position and waypoint coordinates in Notepad.

Then pick the wind direction so that the carrier will not have to turn at the beginning of a mission.

Of course for more intricate missions we'll have to plan/design/test rinse and wash couple of times...


Just wanted to pass all the painful test results... :heat:

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