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Ojcar's Armchair Aces 1915 1.1 for FE1

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As the title says, a FE1 version of Ojcar's Armchair Aces 1915 1.1 is now available.


I've been flying it for a few weeks on a First Eagles Gold setup (November 2008), with no problems. I expect it will work for other FE1 versions patched to that date.


Any comments, suggestions or complaints, contact me, not poor old Ojcar, here on this forum.


I, like Ojcar and probably like everyone who visits this board, have followed the RedBaron 3d and SWWISA path of flight simming and I really couldnt let his Armchair Aces series campaigns for FE2 pass. I can only run FE1 for the moment and I was determined to have a FE1 version if I had to learn how to make it myself. As I say I have had no problems, but if you encounter any please let me know, I'll do my best to get around them.


I intend to modify the rest of Ojcar's Armchair Aces series, complete with all necessary aircraft. I have already created the FE2 aircraft not yet available in FE1, the Alb variants etc

1916 is almost done, some testing to do. Cant wait to start on 1917.


Cheers and Happy Landings


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