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  1. alexis99, try this link: https://combatace.com/files/file/11290-unicode-ansi-file-batch-converter/?tab=comments If you are prepared to learn how this works you can convert FE2 files for use in FE1. Its a matter of changing the .ini files from Unicode to Ansi. A long time ago I used Canadair's batch converter to alter the Campaign files and some FE2 aircraft and ground objects In Ojcar's Armchair Aces series for use in FE1, which you can still find in the Missions and Campaign download sections, You will find a few aircraft conversions in my Armchair Aces adaptions that you might make use of for each specified aircraft. Real Life forced me away from CA and I am just now getting back into fiddling with bits and pieces...I wish I had more free time. I cant fly FE1 on my windows 10 so I cant work with those files anymore, but read Canadair's notes. The conversions are simple enough but time consuming.
  2. Caporetto is my Christmas present and gterl is my Santa. Works beautifully on my laptop FE2. My holiday break will be spent sightseeing. Thanks for you time and effort.
  3. Thanks for that info Von S and my apologies for not mentioning your realism files. I have downloaded but not installed them as yet because I am working on setting up Ojcars WW1 Redux (whole lotta downloading goin' on) and my memory about peter01 was jogged reading an old post of mine. I want to get all the aircraft loaded first before I apply your work. I also need a new joystick...keyboard flying is hard enough without adding more realism! Good luck Javigato.
  4. Hi Javigato. Welcome back. I too have recently returned to FE after a few years away. I am surprised at how much I have forgotten. It will all come back. I found re-reading my own posts and thread contributions helped a lot. I found myself asking "did I write that?". Imagine what your kids will feel when their kids see what primitive graphics they use today. Perhaps peter01's weapons and fms pack is what you're after?
  5. The above download looks to be corrupted. I have tried twice over two nights but I get a error message from the Zip7 and only get half of one bmp pic showing a flight of Zeppelin bombers. The Pfalz markings and the Staaken formation files do not appear. I am trying to make sense of the ww1airfield.ini myself but like most things in life it ain't all that straightforward to say the least. Thanks in advance. ...brother....isn't that typical? I just tried again 10 minutes after posting the above and it works...either I was doing it wrong (not really likely) or you guys are really really good (yeah that's probably it)
  6. Topo Maps

    Many thanks, ignacioc91.
  7. Topo Maps

    In Gepard's "how to make a terrain" tutes in the SF1 Knowledge Base he offers the url http://edc.usgs.gov/products/elevation/gtopo30/gtopo30.html. The link is dead, at least from this computer. Is there a new link?
  8. Where are all the terrain tiles?

    Roger, got them both. Prodding and poking now. Thanks too to Stephen for that info. The Lebed 7 looks great. Will give it a whirl when the TE wears me out.
  9. Where are all the terrain tiles?

    Thank you Wrench for your time and that info. Ok it looks like I need to learn more of tga files. RB3D was much simpler but not as satisfying graphically. I have collected all the mod tools here at CA but haven't used them all yet. I have all the cat files saved from Verdun and Cambrai. I have a lot to go over. Heading off to collect Cuba and I will certainly take up your offer when I know what question to ask next. I am assuming the 3W terrain editor is over at 3W, if not that will be my next question. Come, Toto, it looks like a big adventure ahead of us.
  10. Where are all the terrain tiles?

    Thanks for the encouragement Geezer, but I haven't done any original artwork up to now, just using the existing tiles, copying, pasting and realigning with the TDF editor. I have made the flooded plain, using the existing coast/lake files but then that has freed up six coast/lake tiles that could be adapted for other uses with a minimum of fuss, I hope. However in the Flanders terrain folder, only two of those six coast/lake tiles show up, and these two tiles are used only once where the front line met the sea, which I have replaced with the flooded landscape. I will be looking to alter these and reinstall them in jpg format. The other four tiles I cant find anywhere. I suppose they might be 'hardwired' into the game and only available for use with the TDF ie copy paste and realign. That would severely limit my editing hopes.
  11. As most of you would know in the early part of the war the Belgian engineers who operated the complex system of dykes, sluices, weirs, and canals, at Nieupoort, flooded the land down to Dixmude to prevent the German army from taking the coast. They had a little help from the British Navy who pounded the German positions until the floodwaters drove them back. In WW1 flight sims I have played I have tried to include that piece of history which nicely rounds off the geography of where the front line meets the sea. The other end in the far south had the Swiss mountains to clearly define the end of the front, in the north, a flooded land. What I have presented here is a very simplified version. The land was flooded in several areas. What I have depicted is the main body of inundation. The western side was straight, defined by an elevated railway line that ran from Nieupoort to Dixmude. (Not quite sure I actually reached the Dixmude on the map.) Its simple work with the TFD editor and I'd like to do a few more things including adding that artificial little round body of water at Ostend called the Spitum which served as a seaplane base during the war. I would also like to add some detail to the east coast of England, maybe create Gotha raids over Canterbury. I'd really love to make missions for the 1917 Gotha bombing raids against London, and the earlier Zeppelin raids, but that may be some time later, perhaps using Gepard's terrain. Anyway, when I have worked on graphics tiles for MS and RedBaron3d the tiles were all available for editing and modifying. However when I open the moddified terrain folders of Edward or even Gepard's Battle of Britain folders and even the wwiCambrai and wwiVerdun cats it seems not all the tiles are available for editing. Am I looking in the wrong places? I realise there is a lot to learn. I am reading the Knowledge bases for both SF series, but finding the tiles is my next step.
  12. Well thanks for that info Geezer. Good to know my computer is in the clear. As much as I'd like to run Jan's program its no big problem because FE is greater than just changing seasons. Got to say Gterl's Italian Front is fantastic. Cheers and happy landings.
  13. When I load up Jan's seasonal tiles a most curious and annoying thing happens. All the bmp files in his Flanders folder turn to tod files and this prevents any of his folders operating and the game freezes in the setup page. I have loaded the Italian Front (and it looks magnificent) which has Jan's tiles and they are fine. The seasonal tiles folder is fine, the bmps remain bmps. Its only the bmp files in Jan's Flanders folder that change to tod files. AND that's when I used either newly downloaded copies of Jan's Seasonal folder from CA or the ones I copied 6 years ago onto CD, so it might be something in his file that triggers a function in my computer, but just what I don't know. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  14. Its been four or five years at least since I fired up FE. I had the good sense to save everything to disks I recently uncovered in sealed boxes and which I have been slowly sorting through the past couple of weeks and reading bits and pieces here and at Skunkworks and trying to recall how the whole game fits together. I realise I have forgotten more than I knew when I have to ask myself "how the hell did I convert Ojcar's campaign for FE1?"...I simply did not remember...but its coming back, bit by bit. I am actually chuffed that people are still using them. The first thing I did was get out Stehphen1918's DH5 for a fly, what a treat. Then lead a squadron of AEGs to bomb an airfield, superb. So, I have some questions, quite a lot actually. I have answered many myself reviewing stuff. I am staring wistfully at Jan Tuma's Seasonal files...I recall having that on FE1 at least, but cant recall if I had it on FE2. So far I have failed to get it to work in FE2. I have Panama Red's Realistic Weather mod running ok. So my first question is, does Jan's seasonal files work with FE2 on Windows 10? One question will do for now...so much more to explore..its sort of like finding FE for the first time again and like all things its actually fun to rediscover for yourself.

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