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  1. WIP - Halberstadt CL.II

    Very nice work Stephen. Great to see yet another new addition. Thank you for your tremendous contribution, here and in the past. Much appreciated. And thanks to Ojcar for his suggestions too. Have a happy Christmas.
  2. The R.E.8 toggle cockpit gunsight

    I didn't mention I am flying the BE2C in Palestine did I? I really am a sick little bunny, but I do have a great deal of respect for the airmen of AFC 1 and 3. On the bright side, in Palestine I only got to wait til October 1917 for the R.E.8 and then December for the Bristol F2 Fighter and its only March now. Hope they send enough for me to have one. Happy days. In Flanders, my word, we can expect exchanging the ol' Harry Tates for the Bristol F2 somewhere around November 1918, that's only next year. Yes, old chum, its all looking up on both fronts.
  3. The R.E.8 toggle cockpit gunsight

    As others have said before, there's as much interest, and satisfaction, in getting under the hood with the Thirdwire series as flying and dying in it. "That you can't see for looking" is a very apt expression for the search for those "little hidden lines". Further 'looking under the hood" reveals that the AircraftObject.ini that maintains the gun sight was Pete01's weapons fix which does not seem to affect the Flanders install. Further, the Armchair Aces Redux has nothing at all to do with the issue. Intrigue drives me to look for the relevant differences between the two differing inis. And finally, I am happy to report that in my latest R.E.8 sortie, after a reasonable bomb run, I managed to do more than just dodge a particularly persistent Pfalz, who followed me home over the lines, I managed to put a few rounds up him and drove him off. Smoke me a kipper, I will be home in time for breakfast!
  4. The R.E.8 toggle cockpit gunsight

    Well...that only took three hours to work out. The difference lay in the different AircraftObject.inis in each installation. I am not sure why they are different. They are both fairly recent builds. But the Flanders version did host the full Armchair Aces for a time, so its possible the longer, different AircraftObject.ini was modified from there. I removed it to clear up space to concentrate on modifying the Bloody April and Cambrai campaigns made by Charles. The Palestine install is a dedicated installation and its AircraftObject.ini allows for the gunsight to appear. So for the moment I have copied the gunsight-allowing ini to Flanders. Time will tell if it has any adverse effects. In the meantime I will prod and poke with both to see what I come up with. Sorry for the interuption, it appears to have been a purely local problem. Cheers.
  5. I have two installations of FE2. One for Flanders and one for Palestine based on Stephen1918's terrain. My preferred crate is the R.E.8...the revised version with the S.E.5 cockpit. Yes i am a masochist :). I dont use the toggle cockpit option much as you might have guessed. I prefer to concentrate on the bombing and let the gunner do his business. Recently I have discovered that beyond that enormous air scoop on top of the engine, the Flanders R.E.8 has no target sight with the cockpit toggle option, BUT the Palestine R.E.8 has. The Turks are really in for it now. I have transferred the Palestine R.E.8 to the Flanders installation and the target sight does not show up. Something in that set up must prevent the sight from showing but I don't have any idea what. Can anyone enlighten me how the Flanders version deletes the toggle cockpit gunsight, and what I would need to do to get it back, so that I can give the Huns some curry too? Thanks for your time.
  6. Many thanks Gatling20. I've been tinkering on this PTO setup for a few weeks and your assistance has the Japanese as rivals once more. I am more familiar with FE2. I knew from what I had read it would all came down to the Nations.ini but like a dope couldn't find it. I have set aside a copy in a safe place.
  7. In a SF2 WW2 PTO version using SF2 New Guinea terrain, when I select a Japanese plane, it appears as an allied aircraft with missions to destroy Japanese targets. I can nominate them for Soviet service but its a poor work around. The service list choice is still for Vietnam, full of modern nations. IJN and Japanese Empire do not appear.They are included in the LimitedNationsList in the NG terrain folder. So what did I miss and what do I need to do to get them on the service list? Thanks for your time.
  8. Thank you gentlemen for your time and info. I made the mistake of thinking peter01's data.ini was for the Skunkworks D3 instead of the stock AlbatrosD3_160 because he had not made a version for the stock AlabatrosD3_170. I suppose I might start comparing the stock D3_160 to peter01's 170 to see if there is more differences than just the SLPowerDry between the two. All is good. Rather than flying and dying in FE I find I spend most of my scarce spare time tinkering with the aircraft and their mods which I find very satisfying. Aa I lack a joystick (and the reaction times of my youth), I content myself with bombing missions. BSU still makes a challenging pastime. Just about finished tidying up older versions of the game I have saved along with peter01's mods and now about to start on yours VonS in a separate game version. I'll probably be back to pester you some more.
  9. The skunkworks Albatros D3 works fine in my FE2, Jan Tuma, Flanders setup. When I add peter01's data.ini for that aircraft, with bombs selected or not, the aircraft of the entire squadron blow up. What in peter01's data.ini could be causing that to happen?
  10. alexis99, try this link: https://combatace.com/files/file/11290-unicode-ansi-file-batch-converter/?tab=comments If you are prepared to learn how this works you can convert FE2 files for use in FE1. Its a matter of changing the .ini files from Unicode to Ansi. A long time ago I used Canadair's batch converter to alter the Campaign files and some FE2 aircraft and ground objects In Ojcar's Armchair Aces series for use in FE1, which you can still find in the Missions and Campaign download sections, You will find a few aircraft conversions in my Armchair Aces adaptions that you might make use of for each specified aircraft. Real Life forced me away from CA and I am just now getting back into fiddling with bits and pieces...I wish I had more free time. I cant fly FE1 on my windows 10 so I cant work with those files anymore, but read Canadair's notes. The conversions are simple enough but time consuming.
  11. Caporetto is my Christmas present and gterl is my Santa. Works beautifully on my laptop FE2. My holiday break will be spent sightseeing. Thanks for you time and effort.
  12. Thanks for that info Von S and my apologies for not mentioning your realism files. I have downloaded but not installed them as yet because I am working on setting up Ojcars WW1 Redux (whole lotta downloading goin' on) and my memory about peter01 was jogged reading an old post of mine. I want to get all the aircraft loaded first before I apply your work. I also need a new joystick...keyboard flying is hard enough without adding more realism! Good luck Javigato.
  13. Hi Javigato. Welcome back. I too have recently returned to FE after a few years away. I am surprised at how much I have forgotten. It will all come back. I found re-reading my own posts and thread contributions helped a lot. I found myself asking "did I write that?". Imagine what your kids will feel when their kids see what primitive graphics they use today. Perhaps peter01's weapons and fms pack is what you're after?
  14. The above download looks to be corrupted. I have tried twice over two nights but I get a error message from the Zip7 and only get half of one bmp pic showing a flight of Zeppelin bombers. The Pfalz markings and the Staaken formation files do not appear. I am trying to make sense of the ww1airfield.ini myself but like most things in life it ain't all that straightforward to say the least. Thanks in advance. ...brother....isn't that typical? I just tried again 10 minutes after posting the above and it works...either I was doing it wrong (not really likely) or you guys are really really good (yeah that's probably it)
  15. Topo Maps

    Many thanks, ignacioc91.

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