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Mi-2 made in Swidnik

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Hi folks,

when i served out my army time 23 years ago, i was in a helicopter squadron which used the Mi-2. Sometimes our birds were armed with 4 machineguns PKT or two Mars-2 pods.

Our pilots were more or less satisfied withe the Mi-2. It was said, that she was a little bit underpowered and underarmed. But i remember that one pilot said (or was it the weapons officer of our base? Its a long time ago!), that in Poland the Mi-2 was used with Maljutka ATGM's and a 23mm gun and that some Mi-2 were use the Strela as air to air missile.

It was a rumour, but now i'm curious. Does someone can confirm that the polish forces used Mi-2 with ATGM's, 23mm gun and Strelas? And is the Mi-2 still operational in Poland?




Michael (Gepard)

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Yes Michael, it's Mi-2URP-G Gniewosz, if i don't wrong still operational... (slowly retiring)




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