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SPAD XIII Esc 48 1918 Olham

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SPAD XIII Esc 48 1918 Olham

This is a SPAD XIII skin I did long time ago, but forgot to load up here somehow.

Now nbryant asked me in the "Screenshots" thread, why I don't make "Allied" skins -

well, here is one for you.

The very most of the skin is of course the fine detailed work by one of the OBD skinners.

Thank you guys for your incredible amount of wonderful skins!


I have made the SPAD rather very clean, like an almost new craft, with all emblems

painted on freshly. So, this may not be for the fans of weathering really.


I have made the colours of the camo a bit more dynamic, and the emblems really

juicy - one could say, it's over the top, but hey, it's fun. Enjoy!


NOTE: Unzip the skin into this directory:


CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields > campaigns > CampaignData > skins


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