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New Sound for German Fighters

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New Sound for German Fighters

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Hello :cool:


after working a few Hours on the Configuration of the Albatros DIII, I've made now some new Sounds for the German Fighters. I don't know if you like it, some of you might now think that it sounds like a Cessna :blink:

I know the Sounds are not historically accurate, bur I simply like them.


These new Sounds replace the Halberstadt DII, the Albatros-Series, the Pfalz and the Roland CII .


New Startup Sequence and Exterior Sounds included.


Simply copy the Sound-Folder into "Aircraft / Alb_DIII_early_Sqd". Backup first, if you don't like it.




Have Fun, Andy :drinks:


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Your sound mods are outstanding! IMHO, I like them better than the OBD default sounds. All of you, including Creaghorn, 33Lima, and Elephant should receive commendations for the excellent work you guys have done.


I have taken your files for "Engine Sounds for Sound Tweak II", "Gun Sounds for Sound Tweak II", "Aircraft Sounds', and "Albatros DIII Sounds" and arranged them in JSGME (JonesSoft Generic Mods Enabler) friendly format. Can I PM them to you so you can look them over? I have the latest JSGME version running on my rig. It makes swapping all the OFF mods in and out so easy for testing and comparison.



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Sorry, I've been in Berlin for 4 Days because of my Job (Construction). Yes OlPaint, you can send this to me so I can have a look on it. In the last few Weeks I've done some minor Tweaks, replaced some little things and I'm happy with the Result.


Andy :drinks:

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