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  1. I don't fly WOFF UE anymore, because I've lost my Copy on my External Hard-Drive. My Hard-Drive fell down from the Table and was "destroyed". Everything is lost on this HD. I do still own WOFF 2, but after Installing it on my brand new System (i7-7700k, ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB and 16 GB RAM), WOFF was still stuttering. Always had technical Problems with WOFF on my different Computer-Systems. But I still fly Campaigns in good old OFF Phase 3 and Rise of Flight with PWCG. And I still do also play Campaigns in IL2 Sturmovik 1946. Very sad I can't Play WOFF UE anymore, I would for sure try to work with this very good Game, but as I said, my Copy of WOFF UE ist lost. So I play some "older" Flight-Sims, being happy with the things I have...
  2. Hmmmm.... with my Settings the Game was running very good, but..... I couldn't use Ankor's fantastic Shadow-Mod anymore. When I enabled this Mod, the Game crashed when loading a Mission. So I changed the D3DSWAPEFFECT back to DISCARD. And guess what, the Mod is running again fine, liquid and smooth as never before...No Stutters! So everything that must be changed are the Index and Vertex Pools to D3D_MANAGED. That's all. Leave the Rest as it is! Otherwise the Shadow-Mod will not work. You'll see, it gives a great punch in Performance... See in this Picture what must be changed... Please do this in BOTH the DefaultOverrides and ConfigOverrides!!!! Both are in C:/YourName/User/AppData/Roaming/OBD_Games
  3. Thanks for your Answers, Olham! I think I have found one great step to my personal final Solution. I've tweaked the ConfigOverrides.XML. I didn't just know what else to do...Sure it is a difficult way and it needs time and patience, but the Results are much more better now. WOFF now runs nearly as smooth and liquid as it was in OFF Phase 3. I've changed the D3DSWAPEFFECT to Copy_Vsync, and the Index and Vertex Buffer Pools to D3DPOOL_MANAGED. These are nearly my same Settings as they were in OFF HitR. Now I have solid 50-60 FPS with my Sliders on 5,4,4,5,5, and even with 16x Time Acceleration my FPS are at 20, and it runs smooth as silk. Microstutters are eliminated at 95%. My NVIDIA-GPU Driver has 32x CSAA and 4x Supersampling. Triple-Buffer ON, VSYNC is ON. Pre-rendered Frames are at 5. Anisotropic Filter at 8x. But still some small (really small) Stutters when I fly over the Frontlines. Will go on and see, how I can reduce this... I know this was the wrong thread for this...Sorry...
  4. Intel i5-2500k (3,4 Ghz) and a Geforce GTX 660 with 2 GB Memory, and 8 GB RAM. I'm so confused WOFF is still stuttering. Yes, it's OFF here......
  5. Brilliant Pics Olham, I wish I could just enjoy WOFF as much as you do. I'm still having Stutters all the time, no matter what I do. I've tried dozens of different Combinations between WOFF and the GPU-Driver, but nothing helps. Always fighting with my GPU and WOFF to get it run smooth and liquid. After all these Months I still haven't found a way to play it without Problems... But I won't give up...
  6. Fokker Scourge add on pack

    It's really good, try it. It's worth the Money! You can fly the Fokker E 1 (with the Parabellum Machine Gun), or the Fokker E 2, or the very early Be 2 ( with your Observer using only a Rifle, I think). With this Planes, you can start your Career in 1915. New Add-Ons are in the works. As far as I can tell, I've found in the Profile-Folder (Campaigndata) the following Pictures: Gotha GIV, HP 0-400 and a German Zepellin. When they will be released, I can not say. It sure takes a lot of time.
  7. Does AnKor's mod work on OFF?

    Thanks a lot CaptSopwith! OFF still looks amazing
  8. Does AnKor's mod work on OFF?

    CaptSopwith, could you please tell me, what are your Settings? I've changed the D3DSwapeffect from COPY_VSYNC to DISCARD, but that doesn't seem to help. I am having the same Problems, bad stutters in OFF with Ankor's Mod. My Card is a Geforce GTX 660. The Mod runs well, but those stutters are killing my fun. Thanks for your Efforts
  9. OK no one really wanted this reply...
  10. Guys, I do not want to say anything critical about WOFF. I really like the Game, and I'm happy to play such a great Simulation. I really appreciate it. The Developers did a great Job and the whole thing is a very nice Project. But from time to time I enjoy playing the old OFF Phase 3, because it made so much fun and I enjoyed it so much, until WOFF came out. Call me a Nostalgic! That's all. I really hope WOFF will "live" for many Years with many Add-On's and Patches and Mods and Stuff like that, and I even really enjoy both Forums. Happy Easter
  11. Yes, it's a really,really well done Modification, and I love it
  12. I am playing both Games. WOFF still has some visual bugs and it's stuttering, even after 22 Patches. And I am playing with a very powerful Machine...So from time to time I am often going back to OFF and I enjoy the smooth Gameplay and the much better looking Scenery IMO. And of course my Sound Mod, which I have updated and I am still working on some Samples today! I like this kind of Modding. I am actually working on a Sound Mod for WOFF too, but I think this Project will need a lot of time. Don't get me wrong, I love WOFF and I am collecting everything I can get for it, the Mods, the Patches and the Add-On Packs. And I hope some Day, maybe with some Final Patch, the bugs will be erased and the Game will run smoothly and fine like OFF.
  13. WOFF: Screenshots and Videos

    Looking great !!!
  14. This Film was made in a German Plane, flying over the Battlefields of Flanders in 1918. Very interesting Stuff. http://www.filmportal.de/video/im-flugzeug-ueber-den-kampfstaetten-der-flandernschlacht-fruehjahrs-offensive-1918-aufnahme-de The Site is in German. You can also see hundreds of most unknown WW1-Films on this Site: http://www.europeanfilmgateway.eu/node/33/efg1914/multilingual:1/showOnly:Video Regards

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