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  1. WOFF Installation

    Well, I had a corrupted Win7 registry alright. An uninstall of WOFF, a registry cleaning with CCleaner, and a reinstall of WOFF started the ball rolling. I installed Patch_V1.12 and The Fokker Scourge Add On with no further issues. I now have a running WOFF V1.12b - 4204 installation. Thanks for all the help. OlPaint
  2. WOFF Installation

    Hellshade My posting over at SimHQ WOFF Technical Forum is finally getting responses. So I have decided to track your TBS suggestions over there. Thanks for the quick response. I think I may just "bite the bullet" and uninstall/reinstall WOFF. The 'Files Installed Locations' record must be corrupted since my WOFF Version 1.6 runs as advertised. OlPaint
  3. WOFF Installation

    Hellshade PatchV1.12 is failing to install for me. I am currently running V1.6 - 4132g which installed on my Win7 64bit computer with no issues. I am getting a Setup Error window popup: ------ Setup ------ Setup cannot find your Over Flanders Fields installation. This patch cannot be installed. ------ When I click OK I get another Error window popup: ------ Error ------ Runtime Error (at 25:444): Patch installation cancelled. OFF installation not found. ------- I am getting the exact same two Error message windows when I attempt to install the "Skins Pack1.exe" Is there a work around? As I said before all previous Patches thru and including V1.6 installed with no issues. OlPaint
  4. Moving Trains

    Lothar Check your PM box. I found RAFLouvert's Le Prieurs Rocket Mod in my OFF archive that lowers the blasting effects of the powerful CFS WWII tank buster rockets to OFF WWI levels. Maybe this would be an appropriate addition to OFFbase and OFFworld. OlPaint
  5. Moving Trains

    I can't hit the broadside of a barn with the Le Prieurs. How does one aim the darn things? I am having better luck with incendiary ammo taking ballons out. I have yet to come close to even hitting a moving train with rockets. Rats!!! OlPaint
  6. Moving Trains

    Lothar I vaguely remember a Mod that reduced the lethality of the Le Prieur rockets. Was it Louvert? Or maybe Bletchley did the Mod. I can not remember. It would be great if we could add this to OFFice/OFFworld campaign. OlPaint
  7. Version 2.6.0 (NSIS Installer fo


    The latest version of JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) Version 2.6.0 can be downloaded from ==Using the Generic Mod Enabler== 1. Ensure that you have a clean, unmodded installation of your game, preferably with the latest patch(es) installed. If you are already running a prior version of the Generic Mod Enabler, disable all enabled mods. 2. Install the Generic Mod Enabler to your game's root folder and run once. You will be asked to enter a mods folder name. Unless your game already uses a folder called MODS, it is recommended that you simply press OK to accept the default MODS name. The chosen folder will be created if it does not already exist. At this point you should take a snapshot of your "clean" game files by selecting the "Generate snapshot of game files" option from the "Tasks..." list. This snapshot can be used to verify the integrity of the game files at a later date, after you have installed and uninstalled mods (see "Further notes on usage" for more information). 3. After downloading a mod, unzip it into a sub-folder under the MODS folder (call the sub-folder what you like, but use something that defines what the mod is). Note that the modder may have already set up the mod to be "JSGME compatible", in which case this step and the following step will be done for you. In such instances follow the installation instructions that come with the mod. 4. Ensure that the unzipped files under the new mod sub-folder replicate the game's folder structure. For example, with Over Flanders Fields you should see something like: '- OBDSoftware ' + CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields ' + WW1Scenery ' documentation ' - OFFMODS ' - The Mod Name <created at step 3> ' - data ' - Menu <etc...> ' + JSGME.ini ' + Support 5. Run JSGME.exe and you should see the mod listed as an available mod. Simply select and press the ">" button, or click and drag from Available Mods to Activated Mods and the mod is installed! That's it! Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each additional mod that you want to install and then simply exit the Generic Mod Enabler and load your (now modded) game as usual.
  8. @Andy The OFF Sound Tweak V3.1 is a monumental achievement. Talk about immersion - it is there in spads. I await its posting on CA Downloads. Absolutely Marvelous! OlPaint01
  9. Beatrice!

    Lothar's OFFice allows one to switch from Bletchley's Missions to Buddy1998's Missions and back again with ease so you can choose to have Lone Wolfe or Squad based sorties at will. OlPaint
  10. Armistice

    The OFF Realism Bundle, JSGME Enabled, includes 33Lima's Flak Mod. It is based on Bletchley's AA Mod, which is also included, but with a slightly toned down lethality with a slightly more dense Archie burst pattern to aid in EA recognition. OlPaint
  11. I personally do not see why we must declare to the world a prime loyalty to either CombatACE or SimHQ forums. I am pleased that we have two great forums to share our thoughts and, yes, our arguments, with our dear friends in the OFF Community. Each Forum has it's pluses and minuses. On one hand, it is definitely easier to upload Mods to CA Download Section. But on the other hand, it is easier to contact several individuals over SimHQ's PM system. But considering all this, I will steadfastly refuse to announce a favorite. I love and enjoy them both. I know that Winder and OBD has made a business decision to post OFF and WOFF announcements on SimHQ. But generally the same news items are immediately copied to CA anyway. I keep each Website link within a keyboard's click anyhow. We could argue both sides of this till we are 'Blue in the Face'...I will spend my time looking across the aerodrome into the clouds anxiously awaiting the courier flight from St.Omer with a special package...WOFF!!! OlPaint
  12. Quiet Amiens?

    Bletchley, do you have other Easter Eggs hiding in your Missions Mod? Enquiring Minds want to Know! OlPaint
  13. Quiet Amiens?

    Bletchley, Please share the story about Beatrice and her Pigeons. That is one I haven't heard before
  14. My new Project...

    Andy73, I am pleased to to hear that you are getting back to applying your expertise to tweaking the OFF sounds. I very much would like to include your Tweaks III package in the 'Grand Bundle Sounds Mods JSGME Enabled' when you finish with it. OlPaint
  15. Quiet Amiens?

    Both Bletchley's and Buddy1998 Missions Mods have both Active and Quiet Sector missions sets. My understanding is that these Mission Mods tell the game what types or kinds of missions are flown - not how many opponents you meet in a sortie. OFF launches enemy sorties that you may meet based on the historical activity on each front. OFF Realism Bundle and Lothar's OFFice allow you to set the activity choice for either Missions Mods pak. OlPaint
  16. OT: Crazy weather in Newcastle!

    OK, Widow, I see your point. We, in Central Ohio. USA, just had a whopper of a thunder storm come through minutes ago. This is the second big one in two days. With very high 'hurricane level' winds that blew over many trees and has knocked power out around here for several days. The high straight-line winds knocked down a line of high tension power poles and smashed a van along a busy highway. The driver had his foot amputated by one of the cross-braces as it penetrated the car roof and trapped the him for several hours. OlPaint
  17. OT: Crazy weather in Newcastle!

    My thoughts about "Global Warming" - Like a certain body orifice, everyone has an opinion! Me, myself, and I have little control over that state of affairs. I have a larger kettle to fry. Maybe we should lock this thread? The OP by WM was great for the interesting information presented, but hasn't it run its course? Just a personal "opinion" OlPaint
  18. Any news of sandbagger?

    Sorry, VP, I apologize for being so abrupt. I am worried about him too. OlPaint
  19. Any news of sandbagger?

    Check the thread over at SimHQ http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3576847/Mike_Sandbagger_Norris.html#Post3576847 Looks like Sandbagger is on the mend. OlPaint
  20. I am contemplating gathering all the gunnery mods into one huge bundle JSGME Enabled for Lothar's OFFbase utility. I believe we can simulate the ammo and gunnery improvements that developed through the Great War by country and timeline in our campaigns - better gun powders...adding tracer rounds...etc, etc. Since we now have the capability to date-dependantly activate the mods, we could easily follow the improvements. All I need now is a history of WW1 gunnery. Maybe Bletchley could help me with that. Or maybe Shredward. Hint, hint, Nudge, nudge... OlPaint
  21. Pol, it would be fantastic if we could 'ween' ourselves off M$ CFS3 for good. Rumor has it that there remain very few core features of the original game engine in the new WOFF code. If only the umbilical could finally be severed completely. OlPaint
  22. OT: Crazy weather in Newcastle!

    The US of A is suffering from 100+ degrees F (37.8 C) temps across the country. And Monsoons in Florida. And huge wild fires out west in Colorado. The Old Globe is going topsy-turvy. They say it is due to the Jet Stream...Maybe global warming? I think it is due to the Sun Spots Maximum. OlPaint
  23. Pol, is there a possibility that M$ would release CFS3 to the public domain? But I suppose there would have to be Much Mula involved for that to happen. Or what about a License Agreement? To bundle CFS3 V3.1a with WOFF? Wishful thinking, I know... OlPaint
  24. Hauksbee, Looking forward to Great Things. I will be glad to beta test also. OlPaint

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