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Found this document over at the Century of Flight site. It appears to be a Transcript of Manfred von Richthofen 's Book . It was published as The Red Battle Flier ( ?)

He certainly was a Brave man. His 8th kill was by attacking 40 to 50 bombers with 1 wing man ( an 18 yr Old ) both returned home! Even in our OFF skies, I would duck into a cloud or dive for home against such odds.



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Good find, Carrick - yes, that looks like being at least a good part of "Der rote Kampfflieger" (The red battle flier). :good:


When you read it, you must be aware, that this book was written as a heroe's kind of "heads-up",

very positive, optimistic - no other emotions mostly.

I guess it presents only one view on Manfred von Richthofen - and a view he has chosen to show.

In fact he did of course suffer - like every human being - from loosing most of his comrade firends

from the early days, as can be read in a discussion with his mother (don't know if it was in this book

or where I read it).

His mother kept asking him for names, and he said the reply for two of them: "He is dead". "Also dead!".

When she asked for another, he got a bit upset (rare for MvR) and stopped her.

"Stop asking me, mother - they are all dead!"


And then he tells her (on the same, or another leave), how the soldiers jump up in their trenches,

waving with their caps, when he flies over low after a fight they had witnessed from the ground.

"That is my reward, mother - my greatest reward!"



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