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Menu X (EU)

Menu X (EU) is a menu screen project for Strike Fighters 2: Europe that replaces the default (4:3) menu screens (loading screens and icons) w/ widescreen (16:9) photographic alternatives.


The file contains a small program by the name JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) which can enable or disable the mod when used correctly. It's optional but highly recommended.


The Saved Games folder should be extracted to "C:\Users\(Your User Name)". If you don't wish to use the JSGME program simply copy the various folders from the folder MODS and move them to "C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Saved Games\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2 Europe".


The Fonts folder contains the required fonts used by the GUI. Simply drag/drop the respective files to your Windows fonts library.


I've also included both an alternative Windows shortcut icon and a PNG for those that use a dock program. Both can be found in the Desktop folder.


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Also, the folder Startup contains a new startup screen, but be advised, you need to copy InitScreen.bmp to your Strike Fighters 2: Europe main Menu folder, not the Saved Games mod Menu folder.

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I was kinda getting used to TK's UI (it has a certain endearing 'cheese' factor) but your mod looks really nice and has convinced me to change. Thanks for making this, I'm going to download and install it tonite.


Hard to believe TK has got away with it so long! :biggrin:

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