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  1. Diaspora: Shattered Armistice

    I've only played the first combat mission (above), but it was definitely worth the wait!
  2. Am I to assume that the default aircraft will be front and center, or will there be additional aircraft added to the roster (M2K?)? Also, will SFR require a merged install, or will there be a specific version (SF2:EU?) in mind?
  3. Dave, I'm currently (finally) building the foundation for the SFR Menu, and I have a couple of questions. First, which aircraft do you suppose will be the main focus, as the F-15A is to SF2:EU and the F-4(X) is to SF2. This will give me an idea as to which aircraft will be featured on the Main Screen. Second, I need an icon or patch for the System Menu Icon and Desktop Icon. As an example, I use the Desert Storm patch as the Icon for the Desert Storm Mod, and the NATO emblum as the Icon for SF2:EU. Also, Menu X (SFR) will see the debut of an official (actual) 4:3 > 16:9 (1024x768 > 1920x1080) menu screen conversion, which will be the basis for all future Menu X projects.
  4. Feel free to use any, all, or even a mix-match of content from any existing Menu X project. I would even consider designing a new one from scratch if you'd like, time permitted and all that...
  5. Thanks Dave, the current TC is pretty ambitious, but the meat will be in the missions set. I'm currently usin' The Range as the AO, and I would like to package the terrain and aircraft objects as part of the TC, which means that I'll have to get permission for distribution. How would you suggest I start this process?
  6. I'm workin' on the idea of creating a total conversion that will focus on simulating an Air Education and Training Command environment, at least as much as currently possible. As of right now, it's loosely based on BeachAV8R's training missions, but the plan is to create an entire USAF air training simulation mission set. Stay tuned...

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