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Nice to be back

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I'm a tad buzzed at the moment and probably shouldn't be posting... but I had withdrawals from CA over the past week!. I lurk and download more than I post but you gents who hang here have always been very helpful and kind and I have never felt uncomfortable here. I'm not sure why ODB decided to do what they chose but I do support their endeavors and its still one of the best single player campaigns ever in a flight sim and I can't wait for the next iteration. I feel more at home here than at the other place and I hope TK decides that participation in his products and modding becomes more important than the never ending quest for the bottom line. He will never find this type of fanfare anywhere else. The portable market is saturated with flight-type-sims and I don't really agree with his business plan (please don't hold this against me)... the "everyone else is doing it" mentality never really works unless your willing to sell your soul to something you're not even sure of. I wish I had a place like CA to promote my wares (maybe one day I will) and I am sooo happy you guys are back. If I need to think about loyalty... I will come to CA first as Its been my flight-sim home for a while now. Perhaps one day the inspiration I find here will someday materialize into something I can give back.


Just a drunken positive rant and an appreciation for CA... welcome back.

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