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Ultimate Bundle Damage Models JSGME Enabled

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Ultimate Bundle Damage Models JSGME Enabled

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Here are the files for the Ultimate Bundle of JSGME-Enabled OFF Damage Model Mods that I have prepared.


Included in the Pack are:

HPW UltimateDM_1.25

Buddy1998 Modified DM_2.0 from HPW's files

33Lima ArcMod_1.1 for HPW UltimateDM_1.25 (Fix to adjust 'Arc of Fire' of Observer/Gunner for OFF 2-Seaters)

33Lima ArcMod_1.1 for Buddy1998 DM_2.0 (Fix to adjust 'Arc of Fire' of Observer/Gunner for OFF 2-Seaters)



Herr Prop-Wasche published his Ultimate Damage Model v1.25 for OFF:HitR_1.47.

Buddy1998 modified HPW's DM files into his own Damage Model v2.0.

Then, 33Lima assembled a DM fix to correct the 'Arc of Fire' of the Observer/Gunner for all the 2-Seaters in HPW's Damage Model.

Finally, OlPaint01 followed 33Lima's example and applied the same Fix to Buddy1998's Damage Model.



I installed JSGME into C:\OBDSoftware directory. I copied each of the Damage Model folders into the MODS directory.


I Activate the Mods in the following manner:

1) Choose either HPW's or Buddy1998's Damage Model to activate from the JSGME console, then

2) Activate the matching 33Lima's ArcMod.


Disregard any warning message that certain files will be overwritten.



A huge thank you to Herr Prop-Wasche, Buddy1998, and 33Lima for these great Damage Model mods. And of course, thanks to OBDSoftware for "Over Flanders Fields:Hat in the Ring" WW1 Combat Flight Simulator.


Doyle Painter



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