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Seafire MkIII (Modified), Irish Air Corps

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Seafire MkIII (Modified), Irish Air Corps

Seafire MkIII (Modified), No.1 Sqn, Irish Air Corps, 1947 - 1955


Completely new version.


The Irish Air Corps bought 12 Seafires in 1947; these were denavalised by removing the 'hook' and at least in most cases, locking the wing-fold joints. They were numbered from 146 to 157. There is still considerable debate among the Irish aviation historians as to the precise colour used; they were clearly painted overall with a greenish-grey shade, possibly MAP Light Slate Grey. No detailled information is available.


I have included the serials for the 6 Spitfire T.MkIX aircraft also acquired by the Irish Air Corps, in order to make up a suitable minimum number of decals. These go from 158 to 163.


For use ONLY with SF2 including the Israel Expansion Pack. This will NOT work if you do not have the stock TW Spitfires installed and working.





Model and flight dynamics by Third Wire

Cockpit by Stary

Skin, screens, data.ini modifications, sounds and assembly by ndicki

Guns by AvHistory


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I always been fashinated how facts about painting and such can be disputed when it was only 50 years ago the aircraft saw service.


Never the less, this is a job well done!

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