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Ok --

After (what seems like) hours and hours of trial-and-error, I have FINALLY (finally!!!) come up with a version of the (WWII Russian) P-39Q aircraft that I like, and works in SFP1 ....

Attached is my version.

Consider this an "alternative" to whatever you may already be using in SFP1.

(It is based on Wrench's "P-400" adaptation of Wolf257's basic P-39). This version has a 20mm cannon (with 60 rounds) and 6 MG (consistent with Wrench's adaptation), but my _Data.ini also includes the pertinent data for the 37mm Cannon, (with 30 rounds, and commented out) should you wish to use it -- or, just play with the armament, as you please...

(The nose cannon is in Gun Group 2 in this version [but, you can change that], so you WILL have to remember how to use the semicolon (;) key, if you wish to use it ....)


At least, the decals now work ....

And, FYI, I have toasted a whole bunch of Bf-109g10s and Fw-190a5s so far, with this puppy ....




[And no, I HAVE NOT yet downloaded the A-Team's "Wings Over Russia" mod.

Honestly, I cannot WAIT to see what those guys have to offer, for the P-39 ....] :rolleyes:


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Well, thanks to Panama Red, I have now learned that I DO have a PM account here on CombatAce

[even with only 42 posts ,,,, ]

So, Wrench, if you (or anybody else) wish to call me a jerk (privately), or perhaps provide some more erudite instruction on getting SFP1 PTO/ETO/MTO WWII installations to work properly (privately), that option is now available.



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I would never call you a jerk!

I have to much respect for our military and ex-military personell


The only thing I can really offer is: move to SF2!!! :rofl:


I do seem to recall doing a VVS P-39 skin for Wolf's D ... it should be in the WW2/AlliedFighters/Skins section.

If not, I'll have to locate it and upload it.

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