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Funny SFP1 Moments

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Sometimes, Life can just be weird, ya know?

You download somethin' and try it out, and who knows what you might get?

Example --


[Oooh, X-Ray Vision! Perfect for shooting the pilot!]

Yeah, it's a decal-related thing, I've seen it before....


This one really floored me, however --



Good thing we enjoy tweaking this sim, Eh?

It's sorta required ....




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The Dorner problem could be one of crewmembers mislocated, or the fake pilot method not having the item in the mod.

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Very Good, Panama Red. Actually, it's very simple.

The _Data.ini was calling for bomber crew figures that were not installed properly, so the Game Engine substituted some that it thought were "close enough," with hilarious results.

This is what it's supposed to look like --


And does, when all the bits are present and installed correctly.


Here's another fun one --


[They tell us the bombers are supposed to be "AI-Only," but, do we listen?]


This one is, however, by far my all-time favorite, since I see it all the time --


[Er... What gunsight might that be, perchance?]


This is just fun stuff. Nothing serious. All can be fixed (thankfully...).



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