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zzzspace v7.2 sound pack (for 1.02)

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zzzspace v7.2 Sound Pack


Note to users of v7.1: It is strongly recommended v7.1 be uninstalled and its use be discontinued, and removed from mirror sites, then replaced with version 7.2


This pack focuses on cockpit sounds.


1. New radio chatter loop form recent 2004 ‘Red Flag’ multi-national exercises.

2. Addition of high-G stressed pilot breathing sounds for English ‘b!tchin Betty’ and ‘Nadia’ enunciation’s.

3. Removed enunciation pauses, particularly for critical missile launch orientation announcements and re-balanced relative enunciation volumes to properly fit into the v7.2’s cockpit context.

4. A more realistic cannon sound for ground vehicles, plus some minor tweaking of weapon sounds.


Lock On down-load hosts are welcome to mirror this sound pack.


zzzspace v7.2 for Lock On 1.02 – *NON-LOMAN ZIP* (46 meg)







This is a non-LOMAN zip which contains

three LOMAN compatible zips which together

make up the zzzspace version 7.2 sound

pack for Lock On 1.02



Manually extract all three and install

all three into Lock On 1.02, using the

LOMAN 2.1 auto-installation utility.



It does not matter what order they are

installed in. There are three LOMAN

zips due to filename handling limits

within LOMAN itself, which has

necessitated the use of three

separate LOMAN zip files.




Read the LOMAN internal readme for a

full detailed description of this v7.2

pack's contents and features.



20th Dec 2004

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