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Sea Harrier FRS Mk.51, Indian Navy Pak

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Sea Harrier FRS Mk.51, Indian Navy Pak

Sea Harrier Mk.51, Indian Naval Air Service

= For SF2 series Games, Full 5 Merged and/or SF2NA ONLY!! =


-An addition for the Indo-Pak Mod-


*As stated above you MUST have a Full-5 Merged install with SF2:NA, at the latest (6/2012) patch level to take advantage of the 'carrier operations' in brings. Also, you'll need any/all version of the game with access to the "bits and bobs" from the stock F-15A Eagle's avionics, as this is referenced for the LUSH variant.

If you do not meet this minimum requirement, do =NOT= download this, as you'll be unable to use it.*


This package contians 2 complete aircraft;


Sea Harrier Mk.51 (with 4 skins)

Sea Harrier Mk.51 LUSH (upgraded, with Derby & New avionics)


These aircraft have been upgraded to the latest patch standard (as of June 2012) and are designed to work in a Stand-Alone India-Pakistan mods folder. They have NOT been tested in an "all-is-everything-game install". It is highly suggested it be used as created. If used otherwise, you're on your own; as no support is or will be available for those not following instructions.

They are fully carrier rated. All weapons are included (almost), including new 'loviz' gray fuel tanks for the LUSH and 'standard' Mk.51 with lo-viz skin. Rocket pods, Magic missiles and dumb bombs use stock 3rd Wire versions.

All skins are in jpg format - End Users ™ NOT up to speed with the latest patch levels take note.

Decal randomization is TRUE on all skins.


Also included is a modified Nations.ini, and a new 'RanksINAS.LST', adding the correct rank structure for the Indian Naval Air Service. This goes into your /Flight folder.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please READ them! Also, the "Notes" section for more details, and of course the credits -without the hard work of several people, this mod wouldn't be possible.

For historical purposes, all the TMF Original Release Readmes are included.


Good Hunting!


kevin stein


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