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Hi Gang,


How realistic is the over-G modelling in SF2? I was flying a TMF F/A-18A+ in a merged install of SF2 and had the wings just fall off my bird in a tight turn in full A/B. I thought I had been shot down by a SAM or some other threat I hadn't seen, but the Log just said I "crashed". I was coming around for another run on a target in a shallow dive at full A/B when I pulled the stick into a hard left turn. The grunt breathing sounded and so did the G alarm, then the entire right wing collapsed and the outboard section of the left departed the aircraft, followed by flames. My loadout was two wing tanks, a centreline tank, Litening pod and a single remaining GBU-16.


Is this type of over-G modelled? I hadn't seen it before! Needless to say, I walked home...

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Yes this does happen... I have done it plenty of times with Hornets and Vipers... the rest is a work in progress best advice for that is to kill the burner on the dive in and pull out you should have enough speed to dodge most things with a dive onto the target with LGB's...

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I've had it happen tp me on a Mirage IIIC, after going from time-compression (8x) to normal speed. And that was without any manipulation on the stick.


I guess it's one of the newer bugs features.

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