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I'm looking for ways to remove certain things from the 3W EA-6B LOD for different EA-6B variants. Here are the items I'm looking for in particular:

  • Doppler antenna dome on the ventral rear fuselage (i.e. "birdcage")
  • Sawtooth antenna at the base of the refueling probe
  • The "Beer Can" antenna on the back of the tail

If I can get any of these quickly, I might be able to get their removal on some variants in my soon-to-be-released EA-6B Superpack.


Along similar lines, I was wondering if anybody knows the node/mesh names for the following items (for decal use):

  • The "football" on the tail and the FM antennae on either side of the tail
  • The tail extension that goes forward on the dorsal rear fuselage
  • The speedbrakes (and the actuators, if possible)

These won't be worked on in time for release, but if I can get the information I'll start implementing them for next release.


Thanks in advance,

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post at 3rd wire, too. maybe you'll have more luck than I did, when asking the mesh name for the tail blister

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Will do. This stuff will have to wait for the next version.

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