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SF2 F-14 Super Pack VF-41 Black Aces Skin Pack

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SF2 F-14 Super Pack VF-41 Black Aces Skin Pack

F-14A VF-41 "Black Aces" Skins Mid-Late 70's, 80's and 90's by Spectre[8750]


For use with TMF F-14A_74, F-14A_82 and F-14A_96 skin sets for SF2.

Templates and base skins by Column5 and EricJ.



The F-14A_74\VF41AJ76 skin will be over written with an updated time period


skin. Dave's VF41AJ76 skin is already in the F-14 Super Pack under


F-14A_82\VF41AJ76 and the Texture.ini should have a StartDefaultDate=1982.


however the F-14A_96\VF41AJ76 skin no longer needs to be there since the


skins have been included and replace it with up to date skins.


I've included the F-14A_96\VF14AJ00 "F-14A-005.BMP" file which will over

write the the existing incorrect file missing the new landing gear textures.



To install:


Drop the "Objects" folder into any SF2 install with TMF F-14 Super Pack.:


X:\Users\yourname\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2???\


Let it overwrite if asked.


Delete the F-14A_96\VF41AJ76 skin no longer needed and would interfere

with the replacement skin dates.


Then go inflict some damage.


Hope you Enjoy



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