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CF-104 Cockpit

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I have been studying the history of the CF-104 and wanted to know how its cockpit looked, especially the later variant with a RWR.

After a bit of poking around, I found this photo, which is somewhat different than the stock cockpit found in the old SFP1 F-104G:




CF104 STARFIGHTER COCKPIT by JmHerigstad, on Flickr

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The CF-104 cockpit differs greatly from the F-104G cockpit (the CF's being the better outfit IMHO).

The RWR was a rather late addition to the CF fleet, so many cockpit-restaurations might not show it.



Get David Bashow's book about the canadian Starfighters.


( http://www.amazon.com/Starfighter-Retrospective-Canadian-Aviation-1961-1986/dp/0919195121 )


HIGHLY recommended.

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IIRC the Starfighter cockpit in SF1 is a model of the MAP (military assistance program) Starfighter build by Canadair.


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Yep, that panel looks pretty much like the standard one of SFP1.


Pity about that panel (in-game) is that it omits the most important gauge of them all, the APC-gauge! (Automatic Pitch Control)

It's labelled "Equvalent Angle Of Attack" ("23").



This is, what a (later) standard Luftwaffe F-104G panel looked like:



The APC-gauge sits right at the top-center, next to the VSI.


In SFP1, that's where the Compressor Inlet Temperature gauge is placed.

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In place of the ADI2 on the far left, I can get a RWR to work. The only other node that can do this is the radar, so it had to be the somewhat clipped ADI2. It does work even if it is small and partially clipped:



By streakeagle at 2012-09-08


I have many questions about the later CF-104 upgrades.

In the original delivered version with no gun, what was the gunsight like? Fixed reticle identical to the standard sight?

Once the gun came back, was LCOS restored if it was previously deleted? If there was LCOS, could the radar provide gun ranging?

Did the radar ever get upgraded/replaced to provide any air-to-air modes such as search, track, boresight, ranging?

For now, I have restricted all my CF-104s to ground mapping and terrain avoidance modes with no LCOS, just a fixed reticle.

The absence of a search radar makes finding incoming bandits harder, but the functional RWR partially solves that problem.

What versions of the AIM-9 (if any) were carried on the various CF-104 variants?

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