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Capitaine Vengeur

Decorations for WW2 Luftwaffe - For SCW, BoB, WoA & WoR

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Decorations for WW2 Luftwaffe - For SCW, BoB, WoA & WoR

This mod provides you with a pack of German decorations used within the WW2 Luftwaffe, and that appeared at various times during the global conflict, as well as ten panels covering the main free mods for WW2 European aerial campaigns produced for Thirdwire games: Battle of Britain by Baltika (map by Gepard) is available at CombatAce, while the three of Spanish Civil War, Wings over Africa and Wings over Russia are all-inclusive mods, collectively designed by The Dev A-Team, available at Capun Skunkworks (two eras 1941-43 and 1944-45 are distinguished for WoR). Each of these five eras and theaters of operations are divided in one panel for fighter pilots, and one for bomber pilots, with relevant criterias for awarding, for a given total of ten panels.


The core of this pack is still made of the decorations provided by Charles Gunst (Iron Cross both classes and neckbands, Cross for War Merit, Wound Badge...), yet with a few ones discarded, and many, many others added:

  • The Combined Pilot's-and-Observer's Badge (Gemeinsames Flugzeugführer- und Beobachterabzeichen), for experienced airmen.

  • The Cross of Spain (Spanienkreuz), available in four classes (bronze, silver, gold, and diamonds), for veterans of the Condor Legion in SCW.
  • The Honor Goblet (Ehrenpokal) of the Luftwaffe for special achievement in air warfare, established in February 1940 to reward deserving airmen not yet worthy of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.
  • The German Cross (Deutsches Kreuz) in gold, established in November 1941 with the same intent.

  • Combat Clasps (Frontflugspangen), established in January 1941 in bronze, silver and gold, later with pennants, for a given number of operational missions. Available models for day fighters, or for Stuka/ level bombers pilots.
  • Mentions in the Wehrmachtbericht (daily radio report from the German Supreme Command), for special feats, materialized by eight selected covers of “Signal”, the Wehrmacht's bimonthly illustrated propaganda magazine. After 1944, a Honour Roll Clasp (Ehrenblattspange) can also be displayed.
  • The cuff title 'Afrika', for WoA campaigns.
  • Seven foreign decorations: Spanish Campaign Medal and Military Medal (for SCW); Italo-German African Campaign Medal, Italian pilot's badge and Gold Medal for Military Valor (for WoA); Order of the Crown of Romania and Hungarian Fire Cross (for WoR, 1941-43 and 1944-45).

As a bonus, I have included a folder translating in French all of the citations texts – for those who have chosen an installation in French language. Just delete if not interested in.


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