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SF2 WW2 C-47 Skytrain

SF2 WW2 C-47 Skytrain


-- Something for the WW2 players --

= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged -PLUS- SF2I Expansion Pak 1 Required!!! =


*Note: you MUST have SF2I Expansion Pak 1 to gain access to the C-47A to add the mod to. If you do

not meet the requirement, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD, as you'll be unable to use it.*


A quickie redecaling of the 3W Skytrain to represent Early WW2 C-47s in use pretty much anywhere in

the world. It uses the stock OD skin, with the Round Star (no meatball, no bars) as seen from May

1942 through September(ish) 1943. 12 serial number decals are included; these ARE actual C-47A

serials from the correct timeframe.


Also included is Kesselbrut's cockpit*, for those that haven't made it flyable, and a new engine

sound, of an actual C-47. The userlist ini also included, adding Australia as a new nation; a WW2

RAAF skin is in the works.


As always, fairly easy to follow, highly detailed install instructions are included. So, please

read them.

This will look quite good sitting parked around you WW2 airfields!


*Note: although a cockpit is supplied, it is reccomended to leave the aircraft under AI control.

There is very little actual use for transport aircraft in game, at the moment, other than as eye



Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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