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OT...That's a bit Naughty

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I don't know whether to be worried or to congratulate the bastard for getting away it it for so long :).


When my puir auld grey-haired mither was a stewardess on DC3s, one time they had a seeing-eye dog as cargo. There being no good way to store the dog in the baggage compartment on that plane, the crew had it in the cockpit with them, and the dog got aboard before any of the passengers so they didn't know it was there. When the plane landed, the pilot was 1st off the plane, walking the dog down the aisle from cockpit to the door at the rear past all the passengers. The dog had his full harness rig on and the pilot had put on dark glasses. Quite a few passengers got upset :).

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At least it happened after they'd landed safely at their destination. Imagine how upset they'd have gotten if it had been before they took off! :shok:



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Loved that tale BH... as for the onlookers...well, as my Brother often likes to say "F*** 'em if they can't take a Joke!"

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