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SF2 WW2 RAAF Dakota (C-47A)

SF2 WW2 RAAF Dakota (C-47A)


-- Something for the WW2 players --


= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged -PLUS- SF2I Expansion Pak 1 Required!!! =


*Note: you MUST have SF2I Expansion Pak 1 to gain access to the C-47A to add this mod to. If you do

not meet this requirement, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD, as you'll be unable to use it.*


A quickie redecaling of the 3W Skytrain to represent Royal Australian Air Force Dakotas in the SoWesPac region. 12 serial number/radio callsign decals are included; these are 100% historically accurate for the aircraft depicted. However, lack of clear shots of the tail made me 'guess' as to the use of the fin flash. I think it looks nice, so I left it on (some seem to have had it, some not)


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet fairly detailed install instructions are included. So, please

read them.

This is another bird that will look nice sitting parked around you WW2 PTO airfields!




kevin stein


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