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Panama Red

FE2 Realistic Campaign Weather Mod

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FE2 Realistic Campaign Weather Mod

  • If you have ever noticed, First Eagles 2 has a problem with the Campaign Weather never changing after the first mission in any particular campaign game. Since TK will not apparently be updating First Eagles 2 with a patch to correct this bug, I have created a mod to circumvent this problem. This mod will allow you to manually change the weather in your campaigns missions so you do not have to fly the same weather over and over again.
    For this mod to really work well, you need three items (all of which are included in this package):
    • Modified weather files
    • JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME)
    • Random Number Generator

    What this mod does is convert any Clear, Scattered or Broken weather into one of the five types of weather I have provided. Unfortunately I cannot convert the stock FE2 Overcast or Inclement weather because there is a setting inside the FirstEagles2.exe that mandates the cloud layer between the ground and the clear sky above and I have not figured out at this point how to circumvent that internal setting. Also rain can only appear in the stock inclement weather because of the same internal FirstEagles2.exe settings.

    What I can do is allow you to change any Campaign Clear, Scattered or Broken weather to 1. Clear; 2. Scattered Less (clouds); 3. Scattered More (clouds); 4. Broken or 5. Overcast. Each of the five Campaign Weather folders has three different weather looks to them and if you start with Clear in your Campaign, you have a forth automatic option (no horizon clouds), which is another FirstEagles2.exe internal setting.

    Tally Ho;

    Panama Red

    A long readme is included in mod folder on how to set up the FE2 Realistic Campaign Weather Mod.


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