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Lockheed P-38J, 20th FG, 8th AF, ETO

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Lockheed P-38J, 20th FG, 8th AF, ETO

Lockheed P-38J, 20th FG, 8th AF, ETO


= For SF2, Any and All (Full-5 Merged Prefered/Reccomended) =

- Something for the European Theatre


*Note: due to certain changes in the data ini, it may NOT be usable in any 1stGen game install at any patch level. End Users ™ who choose to do so can expect no support if/when issues arise.*


This pack is a revamp of the 1stGen (SF/Wo*) WW2 ETO 20th FG pak originally released in 2009. It now incorporates the changes seen on the Recently Released PTO P-38 Pak. This is the complete aircraft, with all the "little fiddly bits" included.


The 3 squadrons of the Group represented are:

55th FS

77th FS (both in OD/Grey)

79th FS (in Natural Metal)


All skins are in jpg format. Included are sounds, pilot figue, and weapons (excepting the standard WW2 AN series bombs, readly available all over the place!). Decal randomization is set to TRUE. The Squadron Name display on the Loadout Screen has been activated via my "fake" SqTail decal, so their modern names will show.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. Please READ them! The original readme from my SF/Wo* release is included, as it contains further explainations and historical notations. Wolf's original release readme is also included


Happy Landings!


kevin stein

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