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Problems with a1h_ver6 mod Skyraider for SFP1/WOV

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It behooves each one of us to remember with appreciation all our Veterans on Sunday. Especially so those who have sacrificed so much.


WOV patched to 08. Windows XP home


I have downloaded and installed Wrench's a1h Skyraider mod into WOV. The aircraft showed in the drop down menu. The CAS loadout went fine. I took off from the runway fully loaded (actually the airplane was fully loaded; I was not) with no problems and climbed out following the waypoints then I pressed Alt+N to go directly to the mission area.


There I found that I could not select the A2G ordnance that was clearly loaded on board (F6). All I could select was the gun. Then I found I could not find or target the enemy. Touching base with Red Crown and asking for the location of the enemy I was told the area was clear. Then asking mission status I was told the mission was still in progress.


We loitered around the area but found nothing. I pressed alt-N again and again nothing. The auto pilot could find nothing. None of my elements found anything when tasked to attack. Punching esc I was told the mission had failed. Well, I guess it did, but why? What have I done wrong?


Yes, I read the readme all the way through. I made no changes in the downloaded file. I just unzipped to a folder and then copy pasted it into my aircraft folder as usual. I consulted the readme once again to be sure before testing the mod.


The availability dates of the aircraft in the INI are OK. I did not previously have the A1h installed in my copy of WOV so there is no conflict with that. Any Ideas, suggestions or 'been there done thats'? Thanks.

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missing the necessary ground objects to hit maybe???? VNSEA has 4 CAS routes in the movements ini...


maybe need to download "something" the NVA would be using??? Since, iirc, even in 1stGens it uses the LimitedNations statement, you aren't going to find something that wasn't "exported" to them (ie: tanks --yes, we know they did show in Real Life). There's s ome NVA and VC troop GOs around someplace


using the F7 ground object view, were there any US armored units waiting to engage??


bottom line: i think you're missing some ground objects (troops, waterbuffalo, etc)

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The other planes have no trouble finding lots of things that make great, big, satisfying booms. ;)


Here attached is a copy of my default Ground Objects folder. I did not look for any friendlies but repeatedly pressing the joystick button or keyboard "E" found no enemy ground targets.


Later on flying a F4J (with the Seymour Johnson tail designation. SJ is only 30 miles from here and I was delighted to find that mod.) I found loads of tanks and irritated AAA to attack. I seem to remember a couple of unsociable MiGs also dropped by to say 'hello'.


No doubt it is just another one of those odd incompatibilities with my system or game setup that cannot be reproduced by anyone else. Frankly considering all the mods and edits we apply over time and the age of WOV it is surprising to me that everything usually runs so well. I thought the venerable "Spad" would be fun to fly and your work is always well worth the effort if I can get it to work for me.


Thanks for replying.


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I flew a Strike mission this time. Again the loadout went fine and I made some changes in the default selection adding some nice rockets just for color and extra noise


Loudup went fine and takeoff was uneventful. I checked and there were all those neat bombs and rockets hanging from the hard points as expected. I bravely Alt-Ned to the strike area. The primary ground target popped right up as did a MiG 17 that was prowling around.


I nosed over on the target (some juicy fuel tanks) and I lined them up. OOOPS. No bombs. No rockets. No nuthin' but the trusty gun. I finished off the tanks with the gun and caught some lead in my nice new SPAD for my trouble.


What went wrong? As I said the loadout had gone well. The munitions were listed and they could be added or removed. The Nation Name designation in the data INI is USN and the attachment type is listed as NATO. I do not have this problem with any other plane besides this particular a1-h.


In the detailed Readme ( a Wrench staple) it states no particular weapons pack is required. Any ideas? Any physically possible suggestions as to what I should do? :biggrin:

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