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F-5A de la Fuerza Aérea de la República China (RoCAF)


Basado en el NF-5A, disponible aqui: http://combatace.com...for-sf2-ver102/


3 Esquemas de color: 1er Escuadrón (Rojo), 3er Escuadrón (Amarillo) y 9º Escuadrón (Azul)


Con respecto a los numerales....algunos son históricos...otros los he asignado sin confirmación (Fuentes: Diversas fotografias y http://home.eblcom.ch/f5enthusiast/ )


Archivos modificados, instrucciones de instalación, reconocimientos y créditos en el LEEME




Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) F-5A


Based on NF-5A, available here: http://combatace.com...for-sf2-ver102/


3 colour schemes: 1st Sqn (Red), 3rd Sqn (Yellow) & 9th Sqn (Blue)


Numbers: Some of them are historical .... some are assigned by me without confirmation (Sources: Various photographs & http://home.eblcom.ch/f5enthusiast/ )


Modified files, Installation and acknowledgments and credits in README


Thanks to paulopanz, who gave me the idea !!



¡¡¡Espero que lo disfruteis!!! --------- I hope that you enjoy it!! :biggrin:


---LANAPA--- :beach:

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A very fantastic job that bring us another main piece to buld up more Formosa Straits scenario ....


A must have, for me.




PS: I hope You will go on .... there ares a plenty of Freedoom Fighters around the world to paint/repaint (IRAN, Jordan, Greece, Turkey and so on) using your mighty brush.

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