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Flaming Cliffs 3 Updated Feature List

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Updated List by Wags


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1- FC3 is a DCS World module that makes it single player and multiplayer compatible with all other DCS modules, including Combined Arms.

2- New F-15C 6 DOF cockpit

3- New F-15C 3D model

4- New Su-27 6 DOF cockpit

5- New Su-27 3D model

6- New A-10A 6 DOF cockpit

7- New A-10A model

8- Advanced Flight Model for A-10A

9- New Su-25 6 DOF cockpit

10- Expanded map into eastern Georgia and southern Russian that includes several new and detailed Russian and Georgian airbases, cities, and topography.

11- Many new unit models that include: A-10C, F-15E, F/A-18C, MiG-31, A-50, E-3, KC-135, IL-76MD, IL-78M, An-26B, An-30M, E-2D, E-3C, P-51D, Yak-40, CH-47D, Mi-8MT, Perry Class Frigate, Ticonderoga Class Cruiser, T-90 tank, and SA-3, SA-6, SA-11 and SA-15 SAM systems.

12- Updated and improved graphical effects for water surface / transparency, ground explosions, smoke, fire, and lighting.

13- Improved air-to-air missile flight physics.

14- Resource Manager system.

15- Many new trigger options (both Conditions and Actions) for the Mission Editor, permitting for more tactically varied missions than ever before in the FC series.

16- New and updated campaigns that cover all of the FC3 aircraft.

17- Pitch and roll sea states depending on wind weather.

18- Dynamic weather system.

19- Improved low altitude graphical detail that includes grass and higher detailed terrain noise.

20- Improved air and ground unit AI.

21- Fast Mission Generator.

22- New AI radio communications from other flights.

23- Improved airbases that include Batumi, Senaki-Kolkhi, and Sukhumi-Babushara.

24- Added bullseye to mission map and AI radio references.

25- New single missions.

26- New multiplayer missions.

27- New dual engagement radar mode for the MiG-29S.

28- Improved flight manual.

29- Improved cockpit textures.

30- New weapons such as JDAM, WCMD, and senor fused weapons.

31- New sides of Italy, Abkhazia, and South Ossetia.

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