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Back in the day of CFS1 and CFS2 there was a program called BRUNHOST and it was written by a guy who was known around the internet as GunsJammed or RCAF_GunsJmd AKA Michael. Brilliant fellow he is and I would like to find him. So if you guys with those good memories know where he haunts now please let me know.





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I can't help directly Erik, but I am reasonably sure there was a CFS3 online squadron who have RCAF as a prefix in their callsigns. You might have more luck tracking down the squadron rather than Gunsjmd. I kind of assumed this was an online squadron, but it's possible they might also have been vets from the Canadian Air Force with an interest in combat sims.


Google isn't a great help, because naturally it flags up the Canadian Air Force, but I did notice there's a certain RCAFTailwind who hosts some CFS3 movies on YouTube. You could try contacting him via his YouTube account, or perhaps trawl through the CFS3 SimOuthouse members for the RCAF prefix.


For an even longer shot, you might try IL2 or related forums, because the online compatbility issues were popular with multiplayers, and I know the Boys of 60 still fly there, and I believe the MOG fellas still fly there too... I'm less certain about the RCAF fellas, I just don't know what happened to them.

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