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After pondering over weapon racks, I found out that I can use a missle in place for a 6 IRM rack, I tested this with the AIM-9L and R-73. For now I can carry a total of 24 IRM's on the four outer stations of a SU-37.

However the Weapon rack doesn't change it's model, except when its out of missles, it to will fall of, like a rocket pod. To conquer this, multiple weapon pods must be made to represent each model and skin of each missle. I used coding from the german trigat rack to help. Is it possible to find the coding that has codes for the different weapon types? I wish to increase the amount of weapons a 2IR can hold, from 6 to 12 or more, to match it the missles fired in Ace Combat. this blueprint can be used on AHM missles as well, but what about SAHM's? I delay time for 2 to 4 stations would be nice to match the missle load in AC as well, in which can be modded with the addition of specifically designed missles for these racks.


If I may ask, where is the coding to modify the games difficulty? SAHM's tend to lock unto ground targets on Easy weapons difficulty, wheres the coding that discerns this?


Heres the pics for some proof.




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I hope you can work it out, I find when using russian air to air weapons the more the better,In Strike Fighters they just dont seem to stack up against their western counterparts.

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