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Pasko JU-87B-R SF2 Update [ETO]

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Pasko JU-87B-R SF2 Update [ETO]

Updated Ju-87 with B and R versions for ETO installs. It includes an updated FM and revised cockpit ini for Kesselbruts Ju-87 pit as well as a new Euro Splinter skin by Wrench. The original Pasko model and decals are unchanged. An MTO version is in the works.




1.] Pasko: JU-87B model and decals.


2.] Kesselbrut: JU-87 Cockpit. Revi gunsight tga and some cockpit ini edits by Crusader. Additional edits by Baffmeister.


3.] Wrench: New Euro Splinter skin. I got the SC bombs, drop tanks, Luftwaffe pilot and the Gunner from Wrench but not sure who made them.


4.] AvHistory: The Jumo 211 sound. It's been edited a bit to get rid of a "hiccup" in the loop.


5.] FM/Data.Ini credits: Baffmeister, Starfighter, Wrench, Crusader and ThirdWire.


WAIVERS: The items contained in this package can be used for freeware projects only.


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