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SF2 WW2 PTO Mitsubishi G3M Nell Pak

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SF2 WW2 PTO Mitsubishi G3M Nell Pak

SF2 WW2 PTO Mitsubishi G3M Nell Pak by Veltro2K


-- Something for the PTO players --

= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (ONLY!!!) =


*** Important Note: due to the use of SF2NA coding for the Naval Strike (aka 'Cruise Missle') usage, you MUST have built you PTO mods folder from the SF2NA exe. The torpedo supplied herein is set as a short range cruise missile, and will ABSOLUTELY NOT work in 1stGens at any patch level, and may not work properly in SF2 game installs withOUT SF2NA in the merged core files. Also, the use of 'open cockpit' and other statements in various inis preclude it use in SF/Wo* 1stGen games. Also, having SF2I Expansion Pak 1 is a must, as the destroyed model referenced herein uses the C-47A destroyed model. If you do NOT have SF2I Exp1, you'll have to find another desetroyed lod to reference.***


A re-release of Veltro's G3M "Nell" IJN attack bomber. Inside you'll find...


The original skin, overall green/light green-blue unders that I've tentativly identified as the Mihoro Naval Air Corps (later redesignated 701 Kokutai).

A NEW "quick and dirty" one by me, representing Chitose NAC (later 703 Kokutai), with 18 new 'plane-in-group/serial decals. It's also the green/blue-grey.


The skins are in jpg format, the orignal decals (17) are resued on the Mihoro/701 skin, and 18 new decal were created for the Chitose/701 skin.Decal Randomization is set to TRUE. All IJAAF/IJN weapons (bombs), including the NA-style semi-experimental 'cruise missle' torpedo. Pilot figures, and a 'new' engine sound from the AvHistory sounds set. Both the Hangar and Loading screens are brand new for this reissue.


To reduce the chance of conflicts with any other Nells you may (or may not) have, everthing is refered to by the 'v2k' suffix. So, when in game, you'll see


G3M2 Model 22 "Nell" (V2K)


on the aircraft selection dropdown menu.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! PLEASE read the "Notes" section for the change list, and other important notations. Also, the Legal Statement has been changed with regards to this aircraft.

For those that still have the original release, it's advised you delete the aircraft and decals folders for them; this pak is desinged to replace them in total.


**The aircraft herein are released in "AS IS" Condition. The source files have been lost, and there can and WILL be no modifications to the physical model. It 'are as it is' and you must accept them with this caveat in mind. Any and all issues/problems that cannot be solved via ini edits will exist forever, as new models are unlikely to be created.**


Good Hunting!


kevin stein


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I remember ...


that's why I said "experimental" cruise missile torp. I know you guys will 'dial it in'

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