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Northern Sabre Plus (Expanded Iceland Campaign)

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Northern Sabre Plus (Expanded Iceland Campaign)

Operation Northern Sabre Plus



This is intended as an expanded campaign using resources from other TW games merged. For this campaign to work, a merged install with SF2:Vietnam

is required, but as usual, a full-5 merged install is quite advisable.


The campaign includes another US carrier, USS America, employing CVA-63 model. The escort for USS America is entirely fictional, and if anybody can provide some

information on the real composition of its surface combat ships for her 1979 cruise, please, tell me.


Most aircraft added are Phantoms. VMFA-333 flew the J type and used to be attached to CVW-8, so much that AJ is the tailcode it sports in stock installs, and

it keeps a detachment embarked aboard USS Nimitz. VMFA-115 was actually deployed to NAS Keflavik during September 1979, so it was a no brainier. VF-201 was a

USNR squadron stationed in NAS Dallas, and it has been added to USS America as a way to add more Phantoms, just in case. The campaign is made so it will display

Daddyairplanes´s F-4J_74 or ThirdWires F-4N DLC, but if you don´t have them, it will revert to F-4Js and F-4Bs (remember i told you this required SF2V)


I also included an USMC Skyhawk Squadron in Keflavik, wich will take dmtldragon´s A-4M, or alternatively, A-4F_74 from SF2.


The stock campaign also included RAF Phantoms in case you had SF2E or F-4K DLC, however i overwrote those squadrons instead of making them flyable, i just guess

they would be busy in Europe or guarding UK air space to get into a mess wich the USN and USMC are handling already


Most of the work was Tannethal´s, who figured out how to make two different CVBGs work fine, and had the idea of the Soviet reinforcement convoy, a lot of

credit goes to him. Also thanks to daddyairplanes, Viggen and all others wich contributed providing info and advise.


I suggest using the HFD version of Iceland for keeping FPS low, and modified SA-8s for airfield coverage. I just did it by changing their role from MOBILE_SAM to

MOBILE_AAA, but it may be better to use two different copies (one model of each variant in each role).


If anything goes wrong, it must be my fault for messing around with some entries, please tell me so i can solve it.


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