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  1. Nerdy info about radar

    Looking great, thanks a lot!!!
  2. So I'm converting from cannon fodder into electronics technician, and while on a class on Radar, I asked my instructor (equivalent to CWO or SgtMaj) about how could you emit and recieve CW with the same antenna in fighters while painting a target, while discussing the topic of waveguides. Apparently, he didn't feel like telling me to shove anything up into my intestines, so he told me to look after it, which I had already been trying to, but to no avail. Have you got any info or link to learn about this? Not just so i don't look like an idiot with my boss, but I'm really curious about it, and didn't really understand it fully from what i got googling it. Edit: Forgot to mention, I was thinking about how the AWG-10 did it on Phantoms. I read it used an illuminator, but i don't know if it used the same antenna and how
  3. Beefed up Vietnam What If

    I think I read somewhere that SA-3s were the mysterious "SAM-X" but i thought it was a rumour, could you link something to read more about it?
  4. As much as North Vietnam recieved support from other communist countries, they really didn't get as much new stuff as, for example, Arab countries. So...What if by 1972, the USSR went all in and sent as much gear as they did to Arab countries? Such as SA-6s, SA-3s, ZSU-23-4s, Komar class missile boats and even more...intense aircraft? (say, Yak-28s, Tu-22s, MiG-25s...) I mean, rather than the ramifications out of the country, how do you think Linebacker would have gone had they set up all those capabilities in place
  5. Thanks a lot, will try as soon as possible
  6. JMSDF Izumo - F-35B

    To be fair, these have been some intense 80 years
  7. I think the site is still working, but it has been so long I don't know about my own password. Give them a try and have a little patience, but contact them. Both sites work on their own.
  8. Honest Slogans

    Armies that pretend to be companies, companies that pretend to be an Army...it is quite the catch
  9. The myth of the invincible western tanks

    Having no clue in general about tanks, from what I've gathered, I think the loopsided casualty figures are not so much about western tanks being that much better, but about better comms, info, crew training and coordination with air support. From what I've heard, Leclerc tanks have the best of both worlds. but I'm not so sure if they got APS of some kind, that seems to be the standard to look forward to.
  10. Secrets of a Soviet MiG Killer (Korean War)

    Fastest click in quite a while on a Youtube vid when i saw it pop up yesterday, yet it it was even better than I expected. I had read the story about the incident but didn't know about the efforts to get him proper recognition, hope the upgrade comes through, it is long overdue.
  11. Honest Slogans

    In Spain, recruitment ads used to go by "Armed Forces, the value of a professional" The unofficial saying, which rhymes in Spanish (ABCB) , was something like "If you want to kill yourself, don't jump off a bridge, get into the infantry, and die a bit everyday"
  12. Nope, I meant A48Racing, it was uneasy until i scrolled down and read the full topic.
  13. I was low key concerned you were one of the three people that downloaded my dirt cheap edit and it was my fault.
  14. BAE Systems Tempest UK new combat aircraft

    I don't think it is that simple, but from what I've seen, the UK and the EU remain pretty close in defense issues, if anything the UK has been quite proactive since Brexit. While there is a bias towards European defense industries, and lately even more so, I don't think Brexit will affect it as much.
  15. Alright, I might get DCS too after all. Btw, if can be spoken about, does it come with its own cockpit?

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